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Seventeen - 'An Ode' Official Group Photo (Truth Ver.) + Young Hollyw. Interview + Seungkwans hustle

jk, that's a fanedit (but it fits so much!), here are the real ones

The 'Tasty Guys' Youtube channel posted a community post asking who should be on the show.
(Tasty Guys [alt. Delicious Guys] is a variety show
where four popular Korean comedians go eat at famous local restaurants.)

Lo and Behold fans noticed that Seventeen's Youtube account left a comment on the post, asking them to cast Seventeen!

source: @pledis_17 1 2, @mi_won17, Young Hollywood, @sup3rnovas, @Harujisoo, @CottonMochi3

Comeback Trailer | Promotion Schedule | Poet Ver. | Hope Ver. | Truth Ver. (Single + Group)| Real Ver.

Dino's aegyo 'HIT HIT HIT Sound' \\dead
Also, Seungkwan bub is the best. From predebut to now, Seventeen didn't change, still proactively creating opportunities for themselves T.T I'm getting emotional, don't touch me

Tags: interview, seventeen, social media/youtube, teaser
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