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DreamNote’s Agency Announces Hanbyeol And Habin’s Departure From Group

On September 6, iMe KOREA announced, “Habin and Hanbyeol will be wrapping up activities as DreamNote members due to personal reasons.”

Recently, Habin has been continuing her activities while practicing and resting due to her ankle injury. However, she continued to experience pain in her ankle while practicing choreography and participating in schedules, and it was determined that she could no longer continue her activities until she made a full recovery. After long discussions, it was decided she would leave DreamNote to concentrate on her recovery.

Meanwhile, Hanbyeol, who joined the entertainment industry at a young age, has been continuously sharing various thoughts with the company regarding her future. The company determined that Hanbyeol needed time with her family to think about her future in various directions rather than participate in activities in the entertainment industry. Therefore, the final decision was reached that Hanbyeol would conclude her activities with DreamNote and return to everyday life in order to take a break.

iMe KOREA shared, “We are sorry to announce such sad news to fans who have waited [for DreamNote]. Please show lots of encouragement and support for DreamNote’s future activities, as well as Habin’s and Hanbyeol’s futures as they get ready for a new start.”

source: @soompi soompi, naver
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