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A Preview for the upcoming historical drama with Woo Do Hwan, Seolhyun & Yang Se Jong is out!

(unsubbed, but summary of the clip can be found under the cut)

JTBC’s upcoming historical drama “My Country” (literal title) has unveiled a gripping new teaser! The drama premieres October 4th.

“My Country” takes place between the end of the Goryeo Dynasty and the beginning of the Joseon Dynasty and tells the story of the conflicts that arise due to people’s desire for power and protection. The drama stars Woo Do Hwan as military officer Nam Sun Ho, along with Yang Se Jong, AOA’s Seolhyun, and Jang Hyuk.

The newly released clip opens with a brutal battle scene and the image of Nam Sun Ho emerging from a burning building. Seo Hwi (played by Yang Se Jong) declares as he crafts a weapon, “I will become strong. There’s someone I must protect.”

Over scenes of his difficult childhood and intense training, Nam Sun Ho says darkly, “Goryeo will fall. When that happens, I will stand in the center.” He continues, “I will take it. Even if that means I lose you.” The trailer teases a complicated relationship between Nam Sun Ho and Han Hee Jae (played by AOA’s Seolhyun), as Han Hee Jae slaps Nam Sun Ho and says, “It’s not right. That’s why I’m angry. I’m going to become stronger. So I don’t lose anyone.”

The preview ends with a mysterious encounter between Lee Saek (played by Lee Seung Chul) and Lee Bang Won (played by Jang Hyuk). Lee Bang Won puts down a sword and rises to his feet before Lee Saek, who says, “I never told you to stand.” Lee Bang Won replies, “You never told me not to,” before casting a gaze to the throne.

source: JTBC Drama, soompi

JTBC, you better not forget what you said before "Han Hee Jae, an intelligent woman with impressive martial arts abilities".
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