9:38 pm - 09/06/2019

PENTAGON Hui & Hangzoo "Acceptance Speech" on The Call 2


The Call was created by South Korean television producer Lee Seon-young, who also created I Can See Your Voice, and focuses on getting Korean artists from various genres to collaborate in producing a new song.

This song is written and composed by Hui and Hangzoo. Last week, the song that Soyou performed on stage was also composed by Hui. I'm enjoying this show a lot! I haven't seen any site uploading the show with subs but tvN Asia airs the show (although a few weeks behind still...thank goodness!) and the performances are on MNETs YouTube channel. Soooo proud of Hui! His duet with LYN was well-received and he got some really nice comments from Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Feel, Han Dong Kyun and others.
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