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Upcoming September 2019 Dramas

The following dramas are currently scheduled to air in September:
Arthdal Chronicles 3 (tvN) Sept 7
Birthday Letter (KBS, drama special) Sept 11
Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency (JTBC) Sept 16
When the Camellia Blooms (KBS) Sept 18
The Running Mates: Human Rights (OCN) Sept 18
Secret Boutique (SBS) Sept 18
Pegasus Market (tvN) Sept 20
Vagabond (SBS) Sept 20
Miss Lee (tvN) Sept 25
Melting Me Softly (tvN) Sept 28
Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful (KBS) Sept 28
The Tale of Nokdu (KBS) Sept 30

[Arthdal Chronicles season 3]
Following Part I & II, Ta Gon has gotten what he wants as he sits atop his throne. However, now his life and throne are threatened when Eun Seom begins to gather power among the slaves and peasants of Arth as he starts to fight back against the elite. Although Ta Gon has so far kept his half-Neanthal heritage a secret from the world, his eyes shine purple, preparing to go all out in fighting Eun Seom. Meanwhile, Tae Al Ha faces the threat of assassination from an unknown adversary, while Tan Ya struggles to adjust to her newfound power in Arthdal.

[Birthday Letter (drama special)]During the Japanese colonial rule era, Moo-Gil (Song Geon-Hee) and Il-Ae (Jo Soo-Min) are childhood friends and each other's first love. Against their wills, both Moo-Gil and Il-Ae have to leave Hapcheon, South Korea and go to Hiroshima, Japan. They are separated from each other there. Moo-Gil is forced to work and Il-Ae makes a living by doing chores at a bar. They meet again, but the atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima. They try to find each other in the ruined city. In 2019 in South Korea, Moo-Gil (Jeon Mu-Song) receives a birthday letter from his first love Il-Ae (Jung Young-Sook).

[Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency]
Before Lee Soo (Seo Ji-Hoon) became a king, he was an ordinary blacksmith in the countryside. He life suddenly changed at the age of 23. This was when Lee Soo became the King of Joseon. Meanwhile, Lee Soo's first love is Gae-Ddong (Gong Seung-Yeon). He loved her before he took the throne. King Lee Soo wants to marry Gae-Ddong, but, because of her humble background, it is virtually impossible. To marry Gae-Ddong, Lee Soo hires the Flower Crew Matchmaking Agency. The agency consists of 3 handsome men: Ma Hoon (Kim Min-Jae), Do Joon (Byeon Woo-Seok) and Ko Young-Soo (Park Ji-Hoon) and they are the best matchmaking agency in Joseon. King Lee Soo asks the Flower Crew to make Gae-Ddong a noble woman.

[When the Camellia Blooms]Gong Hyo Jin plays the lovely Dong Baek, who has never been truly loved before but who anyone would fall for once they get to know her. Kang Ha Neul will work alongside her as Hwang Yong Shik, a man who is innocent and simple, but once he finds someone he’s interested in, he doesn’t hold back. Joining them is Kim Ji Suk playing star baseball player Kang Jong Ryul and his wife and social media influencer Jessica, who is played by Ji Yi Soo. Oh Jung Se will play optician Noh Gyu Tae and Uhm Hye Ran will be his wife and lawyer Hong Ja Young. Son Dam Bi will take on the role of Hyang Mi, a part-time worker who is employed by Dong Baek and brings energy to those around her.

[Secret Boutique]
“Secret Boutique” is a thriller about the struggles of strong women as they battle for power, revenge, and survival.
Kim Sun Ah plays Jenny Jang, a poor woman who goes from working at a bathhouse to being a powerful lobbyist. She is the CEO of J Boutique. Jang Mi Hee plays Kim Yeo Ok, the head of the conglomerate known as Dae Oh Group. Park Hee Bon plays Wi Ye Nam, the eldest daughter of the family that owns Dae Oh Group. Go Min Si plays Lee Hyun Ji, an amateur baduk player who becomes involved in Jenny Jang’s machinations when her mother disappears in a city development scandal. Kim Jae Young plays Yoon Sun Woo, the lawyer for J Boutique who knew Jenny Jang back when they were both in the orphanage. While cold to everyone else, he is fiercely devoted to Jenny Jang. Kim Tae Hoon plays Wi Jung Hyuk, the eldest son of the family that owns Dae Oh Group and Jenny Jang’s lover.

[The Running Mates]
"The Defender: Human Rights" follows investigators for the Human Rights Promotion Commission. They fight for those whose human rights are violated.
Han Yoon-Seo (Lee Yo-Won) works as an investigator for the Human Rights Promotion Commission. She investigates cases based only on the only facts, while trying to stay impartial throughout the investigation. Because of this, she is often mistakenly thought to lack empathy. Bae Hong-Tae (Choi Gwi-Hwa) is a former prosecutor. He was dispatched to the Human Rights Promotion Commission and began to work as an investigator for that organization. He is righteous and tends to act before thinking things through.Han Yoon-Seo and Bae Hong-Tae have conflicts on everything, but they work together for the people who need their help.

[Pegasus Market]
Moon Suk-Goo (Lee Dong-Hwi) works as a manager at Cheonrima Mart, which belongs to the Daema Group. Cheonrima Mart's future looks bleak as they don't have many customers and Moon Suk-Goo is frustrated by the store's situation. One day, Jung Bok-Dong (Kim Byung-Chul), who was an executive at Cheonrima Group, is demoted to the CEO position at Cheonrima Mart. Manager Moon Suk-Goo begins to have hope that the store will experience a turnaround with the new CEO. In actuality, Jung Bok-Dong wants to destroy Cheonrima Mart to take revenge on the parent company for his demotion. Unexpectedly, Jung Bok-Dong's actions soon causes the store to attract customers. Also stars Park Ho San, Lee Soon Jae and Jung Hye Sung.

Cha Dal-Gun (Lee Seung-Gi) is a stunt man who dreams of becoming a world famous action actor. He survives a plane crash which changes his life. He faces a hidden conspiracy behind the plane crash and digs up a national corruption case. To support her mother and younger sibling, Go Hae-Ri (Bae Suzy) wants the stable job of a public officer. She becomes an NIS agent. She hoped to become a white agent, but she became a black agent.

[Miss Lee]
Since Lee Sun-Sim (Hyeri) began to work at Cheongil Electronics, she has worked hard as a clerk. She does pretty much any small tasks that the company needs, but her co-workers still calls her "Miss Lee" rather than by her full name. She has a bright and positive personality. Suddenly, Lee Sun-Sim becomes the CEO of Cheongil Electronics, which is about to go bankrupt. With the help of Yoo Jin-Wook (Kim Sang-Kyung) and guided by her leadership with humility principles, Lee Sun-Sim tries to turn around the company. Yoo Jin-Wook is a department head at Cheongil Electronics. He is focused only on work and doesn't see the employees as people, but watching Lee Sun-Sim causes him to change and he helps her grow as a CEO.

[Melting Me Softly]
Ma Dong-Chan (Ji Chang-Wook) is a PD, who works on a popular variety show. He and other participants, including Go Mi-Ran (Won Jin Ah) take part in the variety show's 24 hour freezing people project. Ma Dong-Chan is supposed to wake up 24 hours after being frozen, but, when he wakes up, he finds out that 20 years has passed. His appearance is the same as when he was frozen, but his parents, younger brother, girlfriend and co-workers have all aged significantly. To survive, Ma Dong-Chan and Go Mi-Ran have to keep their average core body temperature at 33°C.

[Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful]"Beautiful Love Wonderful Life" follows four people as they seek love and happiness. Kim Seol-A (Jo Yoon-Hee) worked as an announcer in her past. She is ambitious and she is married to Do Jin-Woo (Oh Min-Suk). He is the CEO of a company. Moon Tae-Rang (Yoon Park) is a chef. He is the oldest brother from a family that consists of adoptees. Moon Hae-Rang (Jo Woo-Ri) is Moon Tae-Rang's younger sister. She works as a secretary for Do Jin-Woo.

[Tale of Nokdu]
Jeon Nok-Du (Jang Dong Yoon) is the son of a noble family. He is not happy that his family has arranged for him to marry a young girl. To avoid the marriage, Jeon Nok-Du runs away from home. He disguises himself as a woman and goes to a widow village. There, he meets Dong Dong-Ju (Kim So-Hyun) who is an apprentice to become a gisaeng. She does not want to become a gisaeng, but Dong Dong-Ju doesn't have a choice. She happens to know that Jeon Nok-Du is not a woman and she hears the reason why he is hiding in the widow village. Jeon Nok-Du saves Dong Dong-Ju from a dangerous situation. She becomes Jeon Nok-Du's adopted daughter and he decides to live in the widow village for 1 year.

Anything standing out for you in the upcoming drama month? I gotta support my guy Kang Ha Neul in his first romcom role!!! I've been looking forward to this for 6 years. And I also love Gong Hyo Jin and Kim Ji Suk so a must watch! I love Seo Ji Hoon/Kim Min Jae/Gong Seungyeon and I love Flower Boy dramas, so we'll see if that will get me through my inability to finish sageuks. I really like the cast of Pegasus Market so I'll keep an ear out for reviews for that. I fully intend to watch Vagabond, Melting Me Softly and Nokdu for my cute chipmunk boy. One day I'll get around to finishing the first season of Arthdal!
We'll see if I actually end up watching a drama episode though, baseball has taken over my drama watching time and I haven't watched anything in months!

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greasetastic_x 7th-Sep-2019 04:31 pm (UTC)
bless you for this post tbh it's hard to keep up with what's coming out now that the semester has started up again

Definitely will be checking out Kang Ha Neul's return.
daynr 7th-Sep-2019 04:50 pm (UTC)
Which team?
keytfelt 8th-Sep-2019 09:01 am (UTC)
juhli 7th-Sep-2019 05:08 pm (UTC)
OP thanks for the round-up, very helpful!
Does MBC not have anything good line up or do they only have on-going dramas for September?

Also, Mon/Tue is starting to look like a desert now that SBS and MBC scrapped their Mon/Tue dramas. And KBS will scrap that drama-timeslot too after Kim Sohyun's genderbender drama. I'm lowkey sad, some of my Mondays were made just because I had a great drama to watch haha.

For The Defender: Human Rights, the trailer looks ok, but the important question is.. are they gonna con bad guys? If yes, i'm in.

I wanted to check out When the Camellia Blooms because of the premise with her as a barwoman, but the tone of the preview is so different from what i was thinking it would be...so probably gonna pass for now and only check it out when i hear good things. (But OP, congrats, your wait finally ends hahahaha)

I love the amount of women-focused dramas we've been getting this year, WWW. Melodramatic and now Secret Boutique. no, i haven't watched any of them yet, but they are all high on my watch-list.

Finally we are getting Vagabond! I'll check it out, the quality looks great. And perhaps, I'll even end up liking LSG in a role for once (i'm probably in the minority, but i don't really like his acting). I'll also check out Melting Me Softly (Although the whole thing with Arena Prince did make me wary of JCW...but nothing has come out of it, so I'll just go with the 'He's a player'-narrative for now.). I hope we get some funny sequences of confusion since he looks younger than all his friends/family.

AND the drama i'm looking forward for the most! Tale Of Nokdu :D Waiting on coals for that one, please please please don't disappoint
keytfelt 8th-Sep-2019 09:13 am (UTC)
MBC was supposed to have July Found By Chance premiering Sept 25 but it’s been pushed back a week to October.

I was trying to tell a friend about When The Camellia Blooms and she was asking what the plot was and I tried to tell her the synopsis but it didn’t sound interesting at all. I’m really hoping it doesn’t disappoint me and it actually has some storyline going haha. But I finished Moon Lovers for him so nothing will deter me!

Lmao at your note with the women-focused dramas, hard same.
reader17 7th-Sep-2019 11:37 pm (UTC)
I'm looking forward to Camellia Blooms, Melting me Softly and Vagabond. But since I am still finishing up Secret Life Of my Secretary, The Abyss, WWW, Angel's Last mission, a Japenese Drama Coffee and Vanilla, and a Chinese Drama Put your head on my shoulder I doubt that I start watching anything until October :)

I know in October I want to watch something with ghosts in it Like Let's Fight Ghost, or Hotel Del Luan. Over the past two to three years I have been trying to watch a drama at that time that feels like Halloween :)
juhli 10th-Sep-2019 08:21 pm (UTC)
Yo, how is Coffee and Vanilla? I've heard an off-hand comment about Japanese version of 50 Shades ???? is that true?
gulp, i was so fire for Secret Life Of My Secretary while it was airing and then I missed 2 weeks and now I still havent finished it.
reader17 10th-Sep-2019 11:50 pm (UTC)
I haven't seen 50 Shades yet but from the comments I read about 50 Shades and about this drama I think they have some similarities. She is a college student that never had a boyfriend and goes to the big city, he is much older then her they meet and they have a steamy relationship. He is obsessed with her and she is innocent and doesn't know much about being in a relationship. To me he also seems very controlling in the relationship but then again some of the things she does she needs someone to watch over her because she keeps getting corned by guys. I think I am mainly watching it because I like the actress and actor both of them were in Good Morning Call and I enjoyed that story.

I catch myself doing that also getting really excited for a drama then starting it and then I get behind. Once I get to far behind I have to decide whether to continue it or just drop it. I think I drop more then continue anymore.
kcaomei 8th-Sep-2019 01:31 am (UTC)
thanks for this post, op!

i'm most excited for Vagabond! Camellia Blooms also sounds really good (and i love gong hyo jin<3), as does The Running Mates, Miss Lee, and Pegasus Market.

I'm always excited for new dramas... even though I'm a few episodes from the end of Hotel Del Luna right now and it's so good, I always worry the next drama I watch will pale in comparison lol
juhli 10th-Sep-2019 08:23 pm (UTC)
Just read news that Vagabond got pushed 2 weeks back. I wonder how difficult it is to change schedules when you have a big player like netflix in your boat

Also, what, Tale of Nokdu barely in Sep....with its premiere on Sep 30th...i feel betrayed haha....definitely thought it would air sooner since they already have teasers out :(

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