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Matilda’s Semmi And Dan-A Announce End Of Their Contracts & Pretty Much The End Of Matilda

Semmi and Dan-A of girl group Matilda have announced that they’ve ended their contracts with Box Media Entertainment.

September 7, the two members posted letters on Instagram announcing their departure from the agency and thanking fans for their love and support.

Hello, this is Semmi.

First of all, my heart is heavy for having to greet everyone who has been waiting for us with unfortunate news.

As of September 3, my contract with Box Media Entertainment has ended.

After extensive discussions with my agency, we decided to end the contract. My fellow [Matilda] members, as both friends and colleagues, will all be supporting each other on the paths we each take, and as we have always done, we will walk together.

It could be seen as long or short depending on how you look at it, but for the past three and a half years, I experienced a lot through the agency, I was happy, and I’m so thankful.

More than anything, I’m sorry and so thankful to our fans for always staying by our side even through a long hiatus.

I’ll grow and improve, and I’ll be back. Please support me and my members in our future activities, and I would be thankful if you looked upon us kindly.


Hello, this is Park Seung Yeon. (Dan-A)

After a long period of deliberation with the members of Matilda and our agency, I’ve decided to end my contract with Box Media.

Although it’s sudden and I’m sorry to be relaying this kind of news to all those who have waited for Matilda, this is a decision that we have made for each other.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported and loved Matilda, and also thank you to Box Media for working hard to allow us to have many different experiences.

The four of us are going our own ways, but we will remain a team as loving friends and sisters. Remembering the old days and supporting each other in the future, we will be together forever. Please look out for Haena, Seung Yeon (Dan-A), Hee Sun (Semmi), and Saebyeol in their future activities, and I would be so thankful if you gave them support.

I’ll return in the not-so-distant future! Thank you.


Matilda is a four-member group that debuted in March 2016 with the single “Macarena.” All four members appeared in KBS2’s idol reboot project “The Unit,” which concluded in early 2018. In November later that year, the group dropped their latest release, “Between Fall and Winter.”

source: @soompi, 5_2_3__, dananuniii, soompi
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