11:31 pm - 09/07/2019

ASTRO members cover Chungha, Paul Kim & IU

Rocky does a dance cover for Snapping

MJ covers Paul Kim's 안녕

Sanha covers IU's Through the Night

Sources: ASTRO 아스트로 (1, 2, 3)

My talented kids <3
babyjenkski 9th-Sep-2019 02:23 pm (UTC)
Sanha is such a baby!

Yeah I really feel a bit sad for KNK. They're also a very talented group. Was happy for them they got to release music again a few months ago. And yup KNK did mention that they're close with members of ASTRO and PENTAGON in their early interviews plus having their debuts on the same year and promoting at the same time. I sort of have a soft spot for some 2016 rookies (like how I adore the 2012 kids).
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