8:20 pm - 09/09/2019

FTISLAND - 관둬 (Quit) MV + "Zapping" mini-album listening post

0:00 관둬 (Quit) *Title
3:54 다시 바래 (Hope Again)
7:48 못 고치나 봐 (Day By Day)
11:24 신기루 (사랑사랑사랑2) (No Regret)
14:55 Don`t Lose Yourself

sources: FNCEnt, Music Kpop
horichansenpai 9th-Sep-2019 10:46 am (UTC)

Hongki sounds nice in Quit but that's it really :l it doesn't highlight the other members very well unlike their other ballads. Still better than Summer Night's Dream though

Don't Lose Yourself is the highlight of the album, it's great hearing the fans' singing that they recorded at the concert

babyjenkski 9th-Sep-2019 11:11 am (UTC)
"Don't Lose Yourself" is my favorite! The intro's really really beautiful! I just love the drums overall for this song. "Day by Day" reminds me of BTOB's "Missing You"

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