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F.cuz member LeeU cried a lot

Newsen recently conducted an interview with the members of F.cuz, more specifically LeeU, as his father is already a well established trot singer (Sul Woon Do).

Being that LeeU’s father is a famous singer, LeeU received much attention and his debut was highly anticipated. He talked about how this experience was and how he felt.

“There’s a lot of talk when you’re the 2nd generation of a celebrity. I was hurt and cried a lot from all the comments. Now however, I think things have gotten a lot better. I’m gaining more recognition and there have been a lot more positivity lately. In addition, my father has been very supporting and encouraging, so I’m not having a difficult time. Instead, it’s more like a burden now.”

During LeeU’s younger years, he spent about 2-3 years studying abroad in America. On that he stated:

“In America, I was living such a liberal life, but upon returning to Korea, it was difficult becoming acclimated to the environment again. I think it was because I was a lot more repressed here.”

When you first take a look at LeeU, he looks like he grew up in luxury, as the son of a rich father. However, it turns out he was quite the troublemaker:

“The truth is, I used to be crooked. I loved to hangout, and instead of learning music, I preferred enjoying it. Therefore, at one point I lost the trust of my father, however, he is now very encouraging. He said, ‘If my son wants to become a singer, I don’t want to stop that.’”

To that statement, leader Jinon stated:

“LeeU is a son who receives a lot of love. The truth is, when we first started practicing, I rarely saw his father call him. But lately, his father has been calling him 2-3 times a day. In addition, the conversations have changed from originally asking him where he is and when he’s coming home, to now, supportive calls and asking if he’s doing alright. To see that change, it was very shocking.”

LeeU has always received the spotlight due to his father, which he feels very sorry about:

To tell the truth, I’m really not good at anything. I’m short, I’m not good at speaking, my hands are small, my feet are small. Because of my father though, I received this spotlight unintentionally, so I feel very sorry to the other members.”

To this Jinon stated:

It’s true, LeeU was always the highlight of the F.cuz. Netizens even thought LeeU was the leader for the group, which did make me a little sad. But beyond liking or disliking the situation, I saw how much pain LeeU was going through because of the guilt. Instead of being jealous, I was thankful and also concerned that he was having a difficult time.”

The youngest member of F.cuz, Yejun added:

“Because of LeeU a lot of people were interested in us, I was thankful for that.”

In conclusion, LeeU talked about his dreams:

“Because my fathers wall is so high, I think it will be difficult to surpass him. But because I am a second generation singer of a celebrity like Jun Boram and others, I hope we can get over being classified as someones child. Instead, I want to be known as F.cuz member LeeU.

F.cuz recently debuted with their track Jiggy and has been gaining lots of love from fans, as well as love calls as models, for their good looks and fashion sense.

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