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T-ara to open online shopping mall!

T-ara to open online shopping mall!

T-ara sure is moving on up! The girls have decided to open up their own online shopping mall and take on the title of CEO.

The girls will plan the concept of the shopping mall, setup an office, design the site, choose models, styling as well as handle the sales of the online transactions.

In addition to opening up the site though, there will be an entire reality program, much like Kara Bakery, called T-ara dot com (url not yet revealed).

The girls of T-ara all have a great interest in fashion and style, so much that they all have subscriptions to foreign fashion mags. In addition, it would only make sense that they are and have been highly involved in their own fashion.

Although there is a reality show concept behind this business, make no mistake about it, these girls are not only doing this for the show, they are serious about this business. In fact, T-ara’s stylist, Kim Woori, one of Korea’s best, has agreed to provide T-ara with 100% full support of their business.

With that said, do you trust T-ara’s fashion sense?

Stay tuned for more on the show and their online shopping mall.

source: allkpop

They aren't selling their bo peep stage costumes, get over it!!!
Boram is so pretty and cute too, I bet anything by her will fly off of the internet shelves! just like the private jet that flew her to the land of beauty and success
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