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Omona Exclusive: Korean Musical Stars Series - Park Kanghyun


Name: Park Kanghyun

Birthdate: December 27, 1989

Nickname: 소녀소녀한 박강현 (has a young girl inside of him/in his heart), 뮤지컬계의 시몬스 (the (j.k.) simmons of musical industry)

Awards: 2017 Stagetalk Audience Choice Awards (SACA) Best New Male Artist Award (for 'Evil Dead,' 'Chilseo,' and 'In the Heights'), 2018 7th Yegreen Musical Awards Best New Male Artist (for 'The Man Who Laughs'), 2019 DIMF (Daegu International Musical Festival) New Artist/Rookie Award (for 'Elisabeth')

Fun facts: Makes a lot of lame dad jokes, known for being able to immerse himself in his roles very quickly (thus leading to teary eyes), starry eyes, emotes very well when singing/acting, often likes to put in English words here and there (his pronunciation is great btw), first variety show was Video Star in 2018 with the Kinky Boots cast, has acted in a play "Our Bad Magnet" in 2017

(he says: 'there's a little girl inside of me (in my heart)')

starry eyed:

(caption reads: 'hold on, is that the big dipper in his eyes?')


Liar Time - Adante (debut work)


Bare the Musical - Peter (got more popular with general public through this!)

fun facts: his pairing with Seo Kyungsoo (as Jason) was really popular, and you can see their chemistry, the reason why they were so popular together, here:

'You & I' - Jason (Seo Kyungsoo), Peter, & Ensemble

i submitted translated lyrics but i doubt they'll be approved anytime soon so you can either watch it with the translation by clicking 'add subtitles' and then choosing 'english' OR you can see the translation below.
[translations here!]

In the Heights - Benny (familiar names: VIXX's N was also casted as Benny with him!) [~2017]


Evil Dead - Ash

Chilseo - Gwanghae

Gwanghwamun Yeonga - Young Myungwoo [~2018]


Kinky Boots - Charlie Price (cast alongside Jung Sunghwa, Kim Hoyoung, etc.)

!! you can watch a fun video of the curtain call from the last show here !!

The Man Who Laughs - Gwynplaine (cast alongside Park Hyoshin and EXO's Suho, etc.)

fun facts & songs: in total, TMWL took home 7 awards including the best musical of the year; at the 3rd Korean Musical Awards, TMWL won the Daesang

1. 'Open Those Eyes' & 'The Man Who Laughs' - Gwynplaine; from the presscall (you can watch his celebratory performances here & here)

[translations here! (only for open those eyes)]

2. 'Angels in the Tree' M/V - Gwynplaine and Dea (Min Kyungah)

[translations here!]

Elisabeth - Luigi Lucheni (cast alongside Kim Junsu, VIXX's Leo, Park Hyungsik, etc.) [~2019]


Xcalibur - Lancelot (cast alongside Kim Junsu, Seventeen's DK, etc.)

1. '없는 사랑 (Never to Love)' - Lancelot (piano acoustic version)

[translations here!]

2. '검이 한 사람을 (Let the Sword Make This Man)' - Lancelot and Ensemble
[translations here!]

Marie Antoinette - Count Axel von Fersen (cast alongside VIXX's Leo, NU'EST's Minhyun, etc.) [ongoing]

'내가 숨 쉴 곳 (All I Do)' - Count Axel von Fersen and Marie Antoinette (Kim Sohyun)

[translations here!]

In 2017, he participated in the music competition show, Phantom Singer 2, wherein they form crossover quartets, doing genres ranging from classical music, musical numbers, pop, to rock songs. His team, Miraclass (combination of 'miracle' and 'class') came in second and have since released an album ('Romantica') too. Fellow team members include Kim Jootaek (renowned classical musician who is active in Italy), Han Taein (a then classical music major at Seoul University), and Jung Philip (a farmer turned musician).

Some of my favorite performances from his time in Phantom Singer 2:

1. 'Skyfall' with Lee Choongju (musical actor) - during the 1 vs 1 competition

click picture to go to the video! or check the song out here

2. 'As Flowers Bloom and Fall' (OST for the movie, 'Sado') with Lee Choongju - during the duet harmony competition

why this is a must listen:

click picture to go to the video! or check the song out here
[translations here!]

3. 'Tornerà L'Amore' with Kim Jootaek, Yeom Jungjae (then college student), and Choi Woohyuk (musical actor) - during the first quartet competition

click picture to go to the video! or check the song out here

sources: @oceanstime, spotify, namu wiki, chungmu arts center naver blog, sports chosun (2), bnt news, korean musical awards, 101 lab label, phantom singer 2 on naver (2, 3), emkmusical (2), playDB, S (on Youtube), bottari, NCTV, @theproactors, sportalkorea, emkmusical company naver, starnews, all translations (and mistakes + the gif below) are mine!

this was long overdue lol, i'll try to keep up with the series ;; i can do it musical-wise or actors/actresses-wise!! there's also fun behind-the-scenes vids & vlogs, but they're not translated :( i can translate them but idk if there's any audience for it akshjdas some vids are with minhyun and leo tho, so maybe there's some interest?

anyhow!! please love my bright shining star!! he's really great and lame, you can follow him on instagram here! the post is already too long so i didn't include live perfs from concerts, etc. but there's some really great ones that i can share in the comments if anyone's interested!!

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