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SM Entertainment to take legal actions against cartoonist accused of sexual harrassement to SNSD in

It has been known that SM Entertainment will be taking legal actions against the case of cartoons drawn depicting group So Nyeo Shi Dae and said to have sexual harassment and references.

SM Entertainment said over the phone on 18th January, “Our responses to the cartoon author and legal actions have been late due to investigations. Even though the author had issued an apology today, it only regards the misunderstanding caused by the lack of explanation in the cartoon, but no apology to So Nyeo Shi Dae at all. With that we will follow up with legal actions.”

The artiste of the cartoon is webtoon writer Yoon SeoIn. He recently posted a cartoon titled ‘Joy Ride #592 Lady Generation Past Photos’ on a portal site on 2nd January.

In the cartoon, the 9 females depicted as the So Nyeo Shi Dae members were wearing just underwear and seen with a voluptuous expressions.

Yoon SeoIn had posted an apology after articles of the cartoon emerged on 17th January, “An internet news reporter ran an article on this cartoon with his/her own interpretation of it. But my intentions for the cartoon is different from what was said to be in the news articles published on it. It is in my wrong that there is lack of explanation causing the misunderstanding. Sorry for causing the misunderstanding and I apologise to all the readers who have seen the cartoon.”

Source: Newsen
Via: sookyeong

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