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HyunA’s shocking revelation, “I lost 17kg because of Shin JungHwan”

4Minute HyunA
gives a shocking revelation, “I lost 17kg because of Shin JungHwan.”

HyunA was on the last episode of KBS 2TV ‘SangSang Plus Season 2′ set to air on 19th January when she said that. And her revelation came as shocking as the singer has been gaining much popularity with her solo single release and trending hot pelvic dance.

HyunA said on the show, “For my body now, I lost 17kg.”

Known to love dancing since young, HyunA revealed that she has lost 17kg as compared to when she was in primary school.

She added, “The reason why I lost so much weight is because of Shin JungHwan. There is this famous celebrity, and he/she had told me back then ‘You look like Shin JungHwan!’, and I was in shock and started losing weight.”

Meanwhile, the G7 members for KBS Invincible Youth are guest appearances on the show which is set to air on 19th January at 11.05pm.

via Sookyeong

BS!!!!!!! Lets assume that Hyuna is 46 kgs (100lbs) now... 46+17=63! there is no way that Hyuna was 63 kgs (138.6 lbs) in primary school and that netizens havent posted pics. And yes she meant kgs, Korea uses the metric system.

17kgs = 37.4 lbs
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