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AOA charts #1 on Naver Charts with their "Egotistic"-cover

Official Audio can also be streamed on Spotify or Itunes!

Copied from \u\entireocean on \r\kpop
Rough trans for Jimin's self-written rap in this stage:

Z I M I N says
We the Queen
On CD DVD TV stage it's our house
When the fuzzes (from flower) fall down
The cherry blossom will wither too
I hate becoming the thrown away flower
I’m the Tree

Also, the green microphone Jimin used for this stage is her most treasured microphone (Seolhyun gifted it to her). It was introduced in a Chanmi's Vlog showing Jimin's house. It's her customized microphone. She said back then that she saved and cherished it so that she would use it when she debuts solo later. She left it like that.

According to a fan on Twitter, the way Jimin taking it out for this Queendom stage shows her attitude & determination, that she will do it properly/go for it.

source: Mnet K-Pop, July Egg, ichart.instiz, entireocean

Mamamoo's "Good Luck" is also charting!
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