11:54 am - 09/15/2019

Baekhyun confirms EXO will start recording for a new album next week

Source: @exokiss88
vintage_boom 15th-Sep-2019 05:59 pm (UTC)
if they're just starting recording it prob wont be ready until late nov/early december. i think they have japan shows in late nov too so we might just get an xmas mini this year, which im totally ok with cuz i love their xmas releases.

baekhyun's prob going to have another solo comeback too in jan if we're going by similar timelines that chen is + superM in there...doing things.
snowphone 15th-Sep-2019 06:04 pm (UTC)
do you think we'll get a world tour eventually?
vintage_boom 15th-Sep-2019 06:29 pm (UTC)
they're still doing exoplanet 5 shows through December but my opinion is that I think they'll just stick to the easy selling locations with big venues and less travel time

I think anything beyond what's already confirmed depends on their enlistment plans. SM's given them some freedom of choice (or the appearance of it) with whether to work or not prior to enlisting and what kind of work they want to do so it's up to them I guess.

they're not going chronologically but based on opportunities post-enlistment so there's no way to really assume what'll happen. Chen could go in with Suho because if he's doing the ballad route/suho doing musicals and acting there's a lot more longevity in that for them post-enlistment but Baekhyun/EXO-SC solo stuff is young and more time sensitive based on their fans so they might wait until the last minute to go.

i'd like to be wrong tho cuz I would love to see this setlist performed
snowphone 16th-Sep-2019 12:34 pm (UTC)
Yeah I’m just permanently saving my air miles in case they ever come to Canada :(
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