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(FINALE) Vocal survival show "V-1" Episode 3 Performances + Winner

“V-1” is a vocal survival show that seeks to find the best vocalist amongst active girl groups in Korea. The title is a combination of the letter “V” from “Vocal” and the number “1” from being the “No. 1” vocalist.
The 12 contestants are APRIL’s Jinsol, Weki Meki’s Choi Yoojung, Weki Meki’s Sooyeon, WJSN’s Yeonjung, gugudan’s Nayoung, SONAMOO’s High.D, GWSN’s Seoryoung, Cherry Bullet’s Bora, Cherry Bullet’s Haeyoon, DreamCatcher’s Siyeon, DIA’s Jueun, and Venus’s Jeong Da Kyung.

Cherry Bullet's Haeyoon vs. Weki Meki's Sooyeon vs. Dreamcatcher Siyeon

Cherry Bullet's Haeyoon - Place Where You Need To Be (g.o.d)

Weki Meki's Sooyeon - Y Si Fuera Ella (Jonghyun)

Dreamcatcher Siyeon - Overdose (Exo)

[Winner]Cherry Bullet's Haeyoon 28 points | Weki Meki's Sooyeon 33 points | Dreamcatcher Siyeon 38 points

WJSN's Yeonjung vs. Venus’s Jeong Da Kyung vs. SONAMOO’s High.D

WJSN's Yeonjung - Fine (Taeyeon)

Venus’s Jeong Da Kyung - Dear Love (The One)

SONAMOO’s High.D - Fate (Lee Sun Hee)

[Winner]WJSN's Yeonjung 36 points | Venus’s Jeong Da Kyung 27 points | SONAMOO’s High.D 33 points

[Final Round]Dreamcatcher's Siyeon vs. WJSN’s Yeonjung

Dreamcatcher's Siyeon - The Moon Of Seoul (Kim Gunmo)

WJSN’s Yeonjung - In Dreams (Lena Park)

[Winner]Dreamcatcher's Siyeon 41 points | WJSN’s Yeonjung 58 points

Who was your favorite performer tonight?

Cherry Bullet’s Haeyoon
Weki Meki’s Sooyeon
DreamCatcher’s Siyeon
WJSN’s Yeonjung
Venus’s Jeong Da Kyung

source: soompi 1 2 3, tvN

Some cool song choices tonight! Weki Meki's Sooyeon did a cover of Y Si Fuera Ella and Dreamcatcher's Siyeon went with a rock version of Overdose.
Aaaand that's a wrap on the show! Did the right vocalist win? Who would you have loved to see compete?
Tags: cherry bullet, cosmic girls, cover, dreamcatcher, sonamoo, tv shows, tvn, weki meki
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