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Album Listening Post: Seventeen - An Ode (3rd Full Album)

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01. HIT
Lyrics: Woozi, Bumzu, Vernon | Composer: Woozi, Bumzu | Arranger: Bumzu, Anchor (PRISMFILTER)

02. Lie Again
It's about a couple who have to lie to each other because of certain circumstances.
Lyrics:Woozi, Bumzu, Mingyu, S.Coups, Vernon | Composer: Woozi, Bumzu, Simon Petrén | Arranger: Simon Petrén

03. Fear (title)
It's their darkest song. Their inner darkest fears are expressed as poison. The choreography incorporates a part where the members "drink" their darkness and fears.
Lyrics: Woozi, Bumzu, Vernon, S.Coups | Composer: Woozi, Bumzu | Arranger: Bumzu, Park Ki Tae (PRISMFILTER)

04. Let Me Hear You Say
The song is about that someone who continues to cheer you on even when everyone else and the world may turn their backs on you.
Lyrics: Woozi, Bumzu, Mingyu, S.Coups, Vernon | Composer: Woozi, Bumzu | Arranger: Bumzu, Ohway! (PRISMFILTER)

05. 247 (Performance Unit)
It's an emotionally smooth song that expresses how you think of someone all day long. The lyrics are all connected to the performance team's past unit songs.
Lyrics: Woozi, Bumzu, The8, Hoshi, Dino | Composer: Woozi, Bumzu, Park Ki Tae (PRISMFILTER) | Arranger: Bumzu, Park Ki Tae (PRISMFILTER)

06. Second Life (Vocal Unit)
It's a song about how someone will continue to love the same person even in their second life. It is Jeonghan's favorite song.
Lyrics: Woozi, Bumzu | Composer: Woozi, Bumzu, Vernon | Arranger: Bumzu

07. Network Love (Global Unit -> Joshua, Jun, The8, Vernon)
It's a song about how each person lives their own life, yet everyone is connected through networks (whether it be through the Internet or through friendships).
Lyrics: Woozi, Bumzu, The8, Vernon | Composer: Woozi, Bumzu, Nmore (PRISMFILTER), Park Ki Tae (PRISMFILTER) | Arranger: Nmore (PRISMFILTER), Park Ki Tae (PRISMFILTER)

08. Back It Up (Hiphop Unit)
Similar to , it's a song about breaking free. All the members hope that everyone will really enjoy this song whenever it is played or performed.
Lyrics: S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon | Composer: Bumzu, Anchor (PRISMFILTER) | Arranger: Bumzu, Anchor (PRISMFILTER)

09. Lucky
It's a funky song about not worrying about things. Just be happy!
Lyrics: Woozi, Bumzu, Vernon, Mingyu, Seungkwan | Composer: Woozi, Bumzu, Anchor (PRISMFILTER), G-high (MonoTree) | Arranger: G-high (MonoTree), Anchor (PRISMFILTER)

10. Snap Shoot
It's a song that expresses how you capture the image of someone you love through a camera.
Lyrics: Woozi, Bumzu, Vernon, S.Coups, Mingyu | Composer: Woozi, Bumzu | Arranger: Bumzu, Ohway! (PRISMFILTER)

11. Happy Ending (Korean Ver.)
Lyrics: Woozi, Bumzu | Composer: Woozi, Bumzu | Arranger: Bumzu, Anchor (PRISMFILTER)

What are your favorite tracks?

Lie Again
Let Me Hear You Say
Second Life
Network Love
Back It Up
Snap Shoot
Happy Ending (Korean Ver.)

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What are your favorite tracks? How do you like the album? How does it compare to your current favorite Seventeen album?
Also, they will probably perform Snap Shoot as a B-side (maybe Happy Ending as well), since Pledis uploaded the fanchants for those two songs! So, for everyone who wants a bright Seventeen-song, definitely check out the Snap Shoot performance :-)
spread 16th-Sep-2019 04:42 pm (UTC)
This is a extremely solid album.
The only song I really didn't care too much for was Back It Up (with a name like that, I was especially a full-ass bop.)

My favorite and stand out track though is, Let Me Hear You Say, she's THAT GIRL tbh!
volume1995 16th-Sep-2019 04:57 pm (UTC)
Gave the album a really thorough listen and it has to be one of their most cohesive works to date! This might also be the first time that performance unit might've kinda let me down with their song but it's okay cause hiphop unit came through!
My favorite bside is probably Network Love or Back It Up! Happy Ending remains a great song, not matter the language
kyulkyung 16th-Sep-2019 06:22 pm (UTC)
lie again and second life are my favorites so far but i really am enjoying all the songs. back it up was a bit strange at first but i actually think it's one of hiphop unit's better tracks now lmao. let me hear you say, lucky and snap shoot are great as well (freshteen will never die). if i had to pick a least favorite it'd probably be network love? i still like it though.

i can listen to the entirety of an ode without wanting to skip a song, it's that good. for once they weren't lying when they said this was gonna be their best album.
chikage_chan 16th-Sep-2019 06:27 pm (UTC)
I love it all but Back it up, but I’m sure I’ll like it more after seeing it live!

Second Life is beautiful and I love Woozi on the bridge! And 247 is very basic, but I’m very easy to please when it comes to rnb songs, so I love it hahahahaha
dantethetaco 16th-Sep-2019 06:33 pm (UTC)
Ok, I don't like neither Hit nor Fear that much. But the rest of the album is really good. I think Going Seventeen is still my favourite album from them but this is a close second for now.
dio_elaclaire 16th-Sep-2019 07:06 pm (UTC)
i only listened once on my phone (ugh busy day) but i love it! lie again is fantastic and my favourite so far.

i must say that 247 surprised me a lot because it's not what i'd normally expect from this subunit but they all sound wonderful so i guess it was a pleasant surprise although it's not going to be a fave of mine.

network love is potentially addictive and i can see myself playing it on loop a lot. same with back it up - it's a bit unusual but fun.

snap shoot is kinda annoying but maybe because i'm tired and sleepy and it's so... cheery lol.

i think teen, age is going to stay my fave album of theirs but who knows, it was just one listen and my opinions on music change all the time. and tbh... i love pretty much everything these kids release.
921227 16th-Sep-2019 08:30 pm (UTC)
Its a good album omg Like, I really like it! I want to buy all 5 versions. The songs I was anticipating were as wonderful as I imagined and I was pleasantly surprised by a few. Im really impressed by 247, its very different for performance team, but they pulled it off. Second Life was nice, not my fave vocal team song, but good. HH team didnt dissapoint with the mess, tho it wasnt as messy as I was expecting. I did not have much interest in network love, but "global unit" came thru! Lucky was everything i impagined, definitely my favorite on the album. Overall super solid and the more I listen to Fear (4x as of this comment) the more i like it as a whole

Now which version to actually purchase, hmmm
juhli 17th-Sep-2019 07:29 am (UTC)
I listened to the album yesterday on repeat but still feel like I need to listen more to really grasp everything! Like everything that is going on in the background and the composition as a whole. It's one of Seventeens best albums for me, on par with Teen,Age! Also love how they lined up the tracks, it's a trip!
For now my favs are Lie Again (gorgeous, definitely hear the Petren influence in the instrumental) and Second Life (woozis bridge might be my favorite part of the album lol). Network Love is so fun, and I love how it's about connecting with people online. This should be our internet kids anthem really. I find 247 kinda boring but like that PU went for a more vocal-heavy song this time! Let me hear you say's chorus is bomb, and that coupled with Lucky and Snap Shoot satisfies my bright-seventeen-sound-urge :D

Bring it on will be hype live. Hit is the perfect first track here, it's a HIT! And then drop the umak. For Fear, i like it fine but will probably listen to other songs on the album more. I wonder if i should stop checking out the teasers, because i think the chorus and tell me what should i do parts would have hit me harder if i hadnt heard them before? Also, while the mv has gorgeous shots and the boys look great, HIT was very similar style-wise, so Fear's impact lessened for me.

Edit: My ears have been opened, BRING IT ON IS HYPE!!!!!! Vernon's Siren Siren gosh, yesh

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aeipathy 18th-Sep-2019 07:12 pm (UTC)
i voted for

lie again
let me hear you say
network love
snap shoot

but i really like every song except back it up (hip hop unit's songs haven't been doing it for me these past couple of releases) and happy ending korean ver (the japanese one just bops way harder)

247 doesn't sound like a usual performance unit song at all, i was thinking the perf unit was network love until i heard josh and vernon's voices lol
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