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"My Country: The New Age" Official Teaser

At the twilight of the Goryeo dynasty and the dawn of Joseon, "my country" are words that take on very different meaning for people on all sides. In action historical drama MY COUNTRY: THE NEW AGE, the friendship between Seo Hwi (Yang Se-jong) and Nam Sun-ho (Woo Do-hwan) is tested in this turbulent fight, and their fates are intertwined with Han Hee-jae (Kim Seol-hyun). All, including unfavored prince Lee Bang-won (Jang Hyuk), have their own reasons to fight — to protect loved ones, to be the reason for change, and to prevent leaving anyone behind.

Coming to Netflix & JTBC October 4

source: The Swoon
Tags: drama, jtbc
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