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Rapper Cupcakke mocks Chungha/K-pop on Twitter

Rapper Cupcakke recently tweeted some comments about K-pop (and Chungha in particular). Previously in late 2017, Cupcakke made some thirst tweets about Jungkook and received backlash from BTS fans which included death threats.

Not long after making the tweets about Chungha, Cupcakke deleted her Twitter account and announced her retirement.

[Video description: A Twitter user replies to one of Cupcakke's tweets with a Chungha fancam. Cupcakke quotes the tweet and replies "Can you stop tweeting me the cheerleaders from bring it on, this isn't high school no more babygirl"

Another Twitter user replies to one of Cupcakke's tweets with a clip of Chungha dancing. Cupcakke quotes and replies "THEY CAN NOT DANCE FOR SHITT ‼ These the dances I do when I got to pee foh"

Another user replies with another Chungha fancam, Cupcakke replies "Who? Chungha? Are you asking me do I chew gum ???? I'm confused"

Cupcakke follows this with a tweet that says "KFLOP 😭"

Another user says "Girl delete they gon get you outta here 😭😭😭", Cupcakke replies "They fandom can suck a fart out my ass"

Lastly, Cupcakke tweets "AHAHAHAHA y'all BIG MAD 😍 MY POWER WHEW"

End video description.]

Source: Twitter: xchinasax,

I totally understand her being turned off by K-pop and its fans after the BTS incident, and K-pop twitter's practice of replying to everything with fancams is just annoying. But I think mocking Chungha's name and belittling her dance skills/the skills of K-pop artists as a whole is racist and going too far. Considering everything else happening with Cupcakke right now it seems she may be going through a mental health crisis and I do hope she's okay.
Tags: chungha, cultural insensitivity / racism, foreign celebrities
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