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Running Man - 9th Anniversary Fanmeeting Episodes and Performance Roundup

Episode 467 (kshow123) | Episode 468 (kshow123)  | Episode 469 (kshow123)

For the show's 9th anniversary, the cast of Running Man held their first Seoul fanmeeting ever in Ewha Womans University last August 26, 2019. Preparations for the different stages were planned and done in several episodes leading up to the event. These preparations included choosing which members would pair up for stages, who would collaborate with the guest performers, and even showed how they approached a songwriter for help on creating the show's theme song.

The fanmeeting was then aired in place of actual episodes on September 8 (starts at 01:04:20), 15, and 22. Right before the fanmeeting started, the members were informed that there was a spy with a mission on that very day, and that spy was told to be the most passionate for the fanmeeting. For every number that exceeded 120 decibels, the members who had just performed would be given a clue to the spy's identity.

For those who just want to see the stages, I linked them down below!

Disclaimer though, for some performances I had to use the SBS fancams since no show clips were uploaded and they suck.


Only One for Me (originally by BTOB)



Song Jihyo, Ji Seokjin - Don't Give It to Me (originally by Loco and Hwasa)

Lee Kwangsoo, Jeon Somin, Yang Sechan - Woman on the Beach (originally by Cool)

Kim Jongkook - Speechless (originally by Naomi Scott)

Yoo Jaesuk, HaHa - Hollywood (they lost a challenge, that's why they had to prepare something original and the song is available on Apple Music and Spotify)

COLLAB STAGES (all songs are already available on Apple Music and Spotify)

APINK, Ji Seokjin, Lee Kwangsoo (Pink Nose Light) - Party

NUKSAL, Code Kunst, Yang Se Chan, Song Jihyo (Hyo Chan Park) - Bonjour, Hi! (featuring Yoon Mirae) - song starts at 3:18

SORAN, Yoo Jaesuk, Jeon Somin (Jeon SORAN and Yoo Jaesuk) - Confess Already

GUMMY, HaHa, Kim Jongkook (F-Killer) - Raise Your Voice


Dance Stage - Boom and Just Blow (choreographed by Lia Kim)

Theme Song - I Like It (available on Apple Music and Spotify)

I used the lyric video instead of the performance because I thought the lyrics were cute and the members were the ones who came up with them.

On a sidenote, ITZY and Hong Jinyoung also performed, but the full numbers were cut from the episode and SBS's fancams were so terribly filmed I got a headache from all the zooming they did. Also, I miss APINK so much so thanks Running Man for having them often. Also!! Ms. Song Jihyo!! From only knowing Hot Issue to dancing difficult choreography ;n; Finally, I have many thoughts about this fanmeet and this show because I've been watching it for so long! Let me know what your fave Running Man moments are!

Credits: KOCOWA TV, SBS-IN, SBS ENTER PLAY, Re-Lyrics on Youtube
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