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Kim Ha Neul ‘travels to the edge of fashion’ in Elle Korea

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In the February issue of Elle Korea, Kim Ha Neul has a section on the subject ‘travel look’ or 트래블룩. From the Winter season to the coming Spring season, Kim Ha Neul shows you how to travel stylishly- from sexy to dramatic looks.

She has always been an awesome fashionista (See Kim Ha Neul in a Phillip Lim 3.1 outfit) , so I’m definitely looking forward to this section!

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In this ‘travel look’ photo shoot, Ha Neul is dressed in a printed chiffon dress, sexy romantic & gypsy-styled jumpsuit and lastly, a striped mini-dress with a white trench-coat.

Han Neul looks sexy and artsy in the first look- loving the violet, purple and white-satin colors on her. For her second look, it’s all fun, romantic and flowy. I am loving the third look the best- a very lovely celebrity-styled resort outfit.

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Which is your favorite look on the gorgeous Kim Ha Neul?

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