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T-ara, “Lee Hyori seonbae is persistent”, "Bo-Peep dance and costumes were ideas from our boss"

T-ara members HyoMin and EunJung appeared on SBS Strong Heart recently.

And member HyoMin was asked by MC Kang HoDong if there is any singer from the same company who is very persistent/stubborn and she answered, ” Lee Hyori seonbaenim”.

She revealed that Lee Hyori had decided with ‘U-Go-Girl’ while their company boss had wanted the song ‘Mister Big’ as Lee Hyori’s 3rd album title song. She added, “Lee Hyori seonbaenim then gave a box of persimmon (or ‘kam’ in Korean) to our boss. She had wanted our boss to find the ‘kam’ (feel).”

HyoMin ended off with, “I respect our boss.” smiling.

T-ara speaks up about their ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ performing costumes.

T-ara members HyoMin and EunJung participated in the filming of SBS Strong Heart recently and they said, “When we first received the animal costumes during our first performance, we were really embarrassed and don’t know what to do with it.”

T-ara had followed cute concept with various animal costumes and gloves for their performance of ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’. They added, “There is something we have to clarify. There are many who raised their doubts about how our stylists are antis. The truth is our codi unnies have no wrong in this. All the costumes were ideas of our boss.”

Another snippet from news article by SportsChosun:

* The dance team who did the choreography said, “Originally we wanted to do the puppy dance but the MV director changed it to the kitten dance.”
* The dance team leader also added, “We receive about 3 million KRW for each song we choreograph. But we told T-ara’s boss that the amount is too little and received 4 million KRW for it. Even though the choreography became a hit, we did not get additional earnings from it.”

Source: 1 and 2 at Sookyeong

HBIC knows what's best for her duh.
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