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Netizens tell Taec to stop cyworlding and start practicing his vocals

Taec updated with a diary entry at 2:57am, only to take it down shortly thereafter.
He then posted a new entry at 3:15 am.
Fans capped his first entry and posted it on tellzone.


Will please only the fans who love me and appreciate me, read this~!!
2010.01.19 02:57 AM

I wanted to say, "The fart face that released my pictures, surrender yourself!"
Which is the reason why I uploaded a picture of myself with Shinae and Haeri.
It was not my intention to fire up the netizens...
I'm starting my Cyworld again, why would I want to start it off on a bad note??

And for those Nate replies, I will try my best to practice on my singing instead of being on Cyworld.
Even though I'm a rapper, the person still went out of their way to tell me to practice singing so I will try my best!

And you guys do know the reason that I write on my Cyworld is to communicate with my fans and those that have interest in me?


Will please only the fans who love me and appreciate me, read this~!!
2010.01.19 03:15 AM

Well, that’s that~
Please sleep early~ kekeke
You must think of your health!
It’s nice being on cy in such a long time.

T/N's note: Once Taec's photos got leaked to the public, he closed his cyworld. Recently, he opened it again with a post titled, "The person who spread my private pictures, turn yourself in."

This post aroused a heated debate on the portal site nate.com because fans and netizens alike thought that he was just hungry for attention. They criticized Taec for bringing up the incident again, weeks after it occurred, claiming that he knew that journalists camped on his cyworld.

However, fans continued to protect Taec, which caused a netizen war (fans aka Hottests vs netizens).
Also, as a translator, his original post in Korean seemed very sarcastic, and the comments on tellzone regarding his original entry were negative.
If his post wasn't being sarcastic or condescending, why else would he delete it almost immediately after he posting it?

This below is a reply by the translator (hazyfiasco) @ the 2oneday thread, with another take at the translation:

As much as I hate to say this, but I wish that sometimes JYPE would monitor their Cyworld activities. They're celebrities.. they're public figures.. As much as I love Cyworld updates, Taec disappointed me and I would have rather not read something like that. It's annoying. Sure, he's a rapper. The name of his career is singer, though. Why the sarcasm?
The English translation provided is a LITERAL translation. You won't be able to understand his condescending tone through it. We kept the translations clean. Personal opinion, kHottests have every right to be angry. I'm glad they're protecting him and deleting the crap out of that post but still... Taec, don't talk down to the hand that feeds you.

If I were to translate it with the actual tone put in, it'd be something along the lines of "Yeah yeah, okay okay, I get it, you can shut up now. I get it! I'll work on my singing, thanks. Despite the fact that I'm a rapper, stupid."

CREDITS: DAUM; 옥택연@cyworld (SOURCES); hazyfiasco@2ONEDAY & kdrama_queen@2ONEDAY (TRANS)

Since we had a post about him calling out who leaked the pictures, here's an update.

PS: 빵구똥구 ("fart face" or "fart asshole", etc) is a made-up word from the sitcom High Kick that one of the characters uses as an insult. (thanks to [info]parkjinyoung ).

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