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Police conduct search and seizures of multiple agencies regarding PDX101 vote manipulation

The police have carried out search and seizures of entertainment agencies in their investigation of vote manipulation during Mnet’s “Produce X 101.”

On October 1, the Cyber Investigation Unit of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency conducted searches of agencies including Starship Entertainment, MBK Entertainment, and Woollim Entertainment to search for materials related to vote manipulation in the “Produce X 101” series. This investigation of agencies comes after searches at Mnet headquarters and the text vote data company.

Starship Entertainment released a statement regarding the investigation. The agency told media outlet Newsen, “We are aware that the police are collectively investigating CJ ENM and related companies for suspicions of vote manipulation during the ‘Produce’ program. We will diligently meet the police’s requests for cooperation.”

A source from the police also provided an update, saying, “We have questioned the production team of the show and are currently analyzing the original data. Afterwards, we will conduct additional questioning of related parties.”

“Produce X 101” is currently under investigation for suspicions of vote manipulation after votes for the finale were called into question for being statistically impossible. Since the allegations came to light, suspicions have been brought up for the previous seasons of “Produce 101” and the 2018 survival show “Idol School.”

sources: soompi, @oh_mes, naver 1, 2, 3, 4
Tags: crime, mbk entertainment, mnet, produce 101, starship entertainment, woollim entertainment, x1
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