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Drama Premier: Tale of Nokdu, Miss Lee, Melting Me Softly


These three new dramas recently started with people raving and also giving
not so fun comments about them. Let me introduce them to you and let me
know if you're watching them so we can have more lovely drama discussion
here in Omona.

Tale of Nokdu
PLOT: Jeon Nok-Du (Jang Dong-Yoon) lives on an island with his
father and older brother. He is smart and a good swordsman. Since he was
little, his father did not let him study or go to the mainland. One day,
his father and older brother are attacked by a group of female assassins.
Jeon Nok-Du chases after one of the assassins to the capital. During that
time, Jeon Nok-Du meets Dong Dong-Ju (Kim So-Hyun). She wants to shoot the
King with her arrow, but Jeon Nok-Du saves her from trouble. Meanwhile, the
assassin that Jeon Nok-Du chases goes into a widow village. To find out who
and why his family was attacked, Jeon Nok-Du disguises himself as a woman
and enters the widow village. There, he meets Dong Dong-Ju again. She is an
apprentice to become a gisaeng.
WHAT THEY'RE SAYING: It's a sageuk. Turning around the
girl-disguised-as-boy and having a lead male who's prettier than the lead
female is pretty fresh. The acting is also top-notch. A clever and
entertaining drama.

Miss Lee
PLOT: Since Lee Sun-Sim (Hyeri) began to work at Cheongil
Electronics, she has worked hard as a clerk. She does pretty much any small
tasks that the company needs, but her co-workers still calls her "Miss Lee"
rather than by her full name. She has a bright and positive personality.
Suddenly, Lee Sun-Sim becomes the CEO of Cheongil Electronics, which is
about to go bankrupt. With the help of Yoo Jin-Wook (Kim Sang-Kyung) and
guided by her leadership with humility principles, Lee Sun-Sim tries to
turn around the company. Yoo Jin-Wook is a department head at Cheongil
Electronics. He is focused only on work and doesn't see the employees as
people, but watching Lee Sun-Sim causes him to change and he helps her grow
as a CEO.
WHAT THEY'RE SAYING: We don't have a lot of people talking about the
show. The acting is good but a slow progress in the story.

Melting Me Softly
PLOT: Due to a mysterious conspiracy, a man and a woman, who took
part in a 24 hour freezing project, wake up 20 years later, instead of 24
hours later. In order to survive, the man and the woman have to keep their
average core body temperature at 31.5°C. Their relationship develop
romantically. Ma Dong-Chan (Ji Chang-Wook]) is a PD, who works on a popular
variety show. He and other participants take part in the variety show's 24
hour freezing people project. Ma Dong-Chan is supposed to wake up 24 hours
after being frozen, but, when he wakes up, he finds out that 20 years has
passed. His appearance is the same as when he was frozen, but his parents,
younger brother, girlfriend and co-workers have all aged significantly. To
survive, Ma Dong-Chan has to keep his average core body temperature at
WHAT THEY'RE SAYING: A highly anticipated drama as its the comeback
work of Ji Chang Wook after being released from the military. It's a mix of
charming, fantasy, comedy and lightheartedness but somehow the plot is
messy. There's a lot of beautiful shots of Ji Chang Wook to keep people

SOURCE: AsianWiki

I watched Tale of Nokdu and its really good! If there's anyone looking for a good sageuk to watch, I recommend this one =)
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