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Jokwon & Ga-in update me2day

I registered for this me2day using my own name

Ga-in nuna is supposed to update our me2day together with me

But because it's my me2day kekeke Ga-in nuna has never posted anything~He

That's right. Keke. I'm the owner of this me2day. Keke I've shared the password with Ga-in nuna though so she might upload something someday. Nuna, update too keke

Adamcouple has changed his nickname to Hollollollo

Hollollollo has changed his nickname to Adamadam

I can't seem to do it.... Kekek My me2day T_T

You don't know what Hollollollo is??? Avatar~~~>_< Kekeke

Ah, (updates) send messages too -.- T_T This is interesting

Ah~I've let Ga-in nuna know the password. Keke. She's busy so she hasn't typed anything

Hello ^^ I'm Ga-in Heheheheheheh

I just reached home.. It was scary cause of the rain T_T I can't update this me2day using my handphone so looks like I've got to get an iPhone too.. T_T

Been busy lately but because I had a short break.. I put on weight. I'd be in trouble if I was chubbier than Jokwon... Damn

Oh yes, I saw 2AM's teasers. Keke Young Master (Jinwoon) looks cute no matter what he does. He looked like one of the flowers in the flower bed. Keke. Changmin ahjibaem is really handsome whenever he sings. Just my type. Keke. But looking at the leaves reminded me of Paldang Dam -.-

And Ong ahjibaem...his chest.. I really hate saying this but kekekeke it's bigger than....mine. Kekekekekke. I thought I was the only one that thought that way but looking at the comments below.. everyone said they only noticed his chest. Kekekek. Other girls felt the same way as I did too. Kekeke. It wasn't only me that said that

Now only Jokwon's teaser is left!!!!! Honey Husband Jokwon... When will it come out... T_T I hope soon Kekekek. I'm curious. I really hate waiting T_T

Anyway, please give 2AM's album lots of love ^^ I heard a bit of the song's a 2AM original

I really like the song unconditionally. T_T But this song seems really daebak this time. If Honey Jokwon's album sells well and hits the #1 spot.. I'll give him a 5 second hug. Kekekekke. So quickly release the album and hit #1!! Ummm..!!! I'll always support you as a nuna and as your imaginary wife.

I'm not kidding... Why don't you guys believe me?? And if you think 5 seconds is too short then 10 seconds??? Kekekek I get it. 10 seconds it is then. Kekekeke

And I don't know how to upload pictures. Seems like everyone knows I'm computer illiterate. Kekekeke Nevertheless I've improved lots. Kekekeke. 2 months ago I didn't even know how to retrieve a lost password. Kekeke. I was really amazed when I found out you could send a text message to your phone if you typed in your handphone number. I was so amazed I kept doing it.

I'll upload pictures next time. It doesn't work at the moment no matter how I try. Kekke Its so difficult. Please tell me how to do so

If Jokwon gets a triple crown, I'll give him a back hug. Kekekeke. When Jokwon sees this, he'll probably roll over laughing.. I think. Keke

I've been reading your comments. Heard that Jokwon's going to upload his teaser so I'm logging out. Tsk

Kekeke. Anyway, I'll come on again. Keke. Its really me.. I'm Son Ga In. Don't you know who Brown Eyed Girl's Son Ga In is? Kekeke

Anyway I'm logging out. I'll watch the teaser here too. Hehehe

*Kwon uploads the last teaser for 2AM's new song*

I can't let you go even if I die (T/N: 2AM's new song)... I wish that everything I prayed for will come to pass ^^ I AM (T/N: 2AM's fanclub) I love you. I uploaded this picture cause it was so pretty. And thank you wifey for posting here

Translated by: Sparkskey @ omona_prection 

Tags: 2am, brown eyed girls, jo kwon

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