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Fresh Model Idol' F.CUZ, "We didn't go online for a period of time."

4-unit male group F.CUZ - famous for being 'Sul Woon Do's son LeeU's group' - finally made their debut in the music scene. F.CUZ, which consists of JinOn, LeeU, Kan and YeJun, has been carrying out endless activities for their debut song 'JIGGY' on all three national music programmes for two consecutive weeks.

"We were fidgety and nervous for our debut stage performance. It was impractical to try and show everything in three minutes," said F.cuz who entered the music scene at the end of a two-year course of preparation. "We achieve our dream by working day after day, right? Even so, some good also came out of it. We developed a sense of responsibility and obligation that only makes us work even harder."

Even before debut, F.CUZ has already earned the nickname 'Model Idol'. They have a reputation for evenly possessing all three qualities - tall build, amiable looks and outstanding fashion sense. "It's an excessive compliment and it burdens us all the more. In being called 'Model Idol', we are still lacking in many areas," F.CUZ said, showing their humility.

How did the people around them react after watching F.CUZ's debut stage performance? "They said it was unlike a rookie's performance and that we did well. The reaction of the people around us were not bad. These people close to us would say such things for the sake of comforting us, right? For a period of time, we didn't go on the Internet. (laughs)"

Their title song 'JIGGY' was named 'Bubble(gum) Pop' on famous video community YouTube. This is the genre that foreigners adhere to. "The word 'Jiggy' means to 'dance like there's no tomorrow', and it's derived from the phrase 'Getting Jiggy'. You don't have time to think and you just keep stomping and jumping, so it's like (chewing) bubblegum. The song contains this message: 'When you are sad, gloomy and troubled, dance and forget all of these things.' It will be great if the listeners can shake off all their tiring matters while listening to our song."

The girl groups dominated the music scene in 2009, but before we realised it, the male groups have appeared in a united effort in 2010. If you had watched KBS Music Bank on 15 Jan, you would know that the boy groups - not just F.CUZ but also ZE:A and CNBLUE - are showing up one by one.

"Initially, I was worried about all the male groups (that were coming out). I was gullible and fooled by people's words. However, we practised the dance choreography for our title song, and combined strength within an enclosed area named F.CUZ. After that, my worries started diminishing, little by little. I have the thinking that nothing that is impossible if all of us unite our abilities. Now, I am totally not worried. We will also fight to receive recognition of some sort, starting from ourselves."

"Our teamwork is the one thing that will not fall behind other groups, and we are proud of it being the best," F.CUZ - who are in the midst of dormitory life after five months - openly declared. "Our dormitory is a semi-basement apartment. By lying on our double-storey bed and looking out the window, there are times when I have made eye contact with the aunties who are planting flowers, or even meet local residents who are drying their red pepper or ginkgo nuts."

"Not long ago, some ginkgo nuts fell into our living room while the nuts were being dried on the barrel. What's worse was that we stepped on them, and so the unique smell of the ginkgo nuts lingered in our dormitory for a week," F.CUZ revealed.

"No matter how we try to describe the surrounding locations, our hostel is in a place where it's difficult for people to find it easily. Our dormitory is in a place where all other idol groups' dormitories are not located at," they joked.

"We will become a group that receives the attention of the music industry." So who is F.CUZ's role model? "There are many excellent seniors so it's difficult to just choose one team as our role model. Just like our name, we will unite the capabilities of the four of us in order to become the focus of the music industry," F.CUZ expressed their bold ambition.

Considering that many idols are already aiming to get the 2010 Best Newcomer's Award, F.CUZ's goal is surprisingly simple. "Our immediate goal is to receive more love for our song 'JIGGY'. By attending music, entertainment and radio programmes, F.CUZ wants to become a friendly group who can be close to the public," F.CUZ said.

With bright eyes throughout the inteview, F.CUZ has revealed honest stories about themselves - sometimes in a playful manner, other times in a sincere and serious atmosphere. Just like their group name, the music scene and their fans are already paying close attention to them.

Source: newsen & translated by sOpHiA* @ FCuzed forum
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