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Crystal Heng

C.N Blue up #1 on music charts and album sales charts just 5 days into debut

4-member band C.N Blue is up #1 on album sales charts and music charts just 5 days into their debut and official album release.

They released their 1st minialbum with title song ‘Alone’ last week and on 18th and 19th January, they are already up #1 on music sites and also Hanteo site.

Many fans and music industry experts say, “At the time when the mass are in love with dance music, they came up with a new music style, and also being a band group makes them stand out too. They are a diverse group combining capabilities and popularity.”

They had their debut showcase on 14th January and then performed on the music shows of all 3 broadcast companies, and the song ‘Alone’ went up instantly to the top rankings on various music charts. And their fans ranged from those in the teens to those in the 30s.

The music industry is watching just how far the group will go with all the attention they are getting with their debut.

Source: Kbites

Gotta admit that they're doing well firstly due to Yonghwa's popularity but I'm glad they're well-received ^^
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