7:49 pm - 10/10/2019

Mnet Queendom Ep 7 Performances (Mixed Vocal & Dance Performances)

Individual Dance Performances: The Kind Ms. Geumja (Lovelyz Yein), Senorita ((G)I-DLE Soojin), Strip (AOA Chanmi), Smooth Criminal (Oh My Girl YooA), Mirror (MAMAMOO Moonbyul)
Group Dance Performance (with Brave Girls Eunji): Power (by Little Mix)

Park Bom & Oh My Girl's Hyojung - Scarecrow (by Lee Hi)

AOA's Hyejeong & (G)-Idle's Minnie - instagram (by Dean)

Mamamoo's Hwasa & Lovelyz's Kei - wish you were gay (by Billie Eilish)

[Performance videos with reaction shots]Individual Dance Performances: The Kind Ms. Geumja (Lovelyz Yein), Senorita ((G)I-DLE Soojin), Strip (AOA Chanmi), Smooth Criminal (Oh My Girl YooA), Mirror (MAMAMOO Moonbyul)
Group Dance Performance (with Brave Girls Eunji): Power (by Little Mix)

Park Bom & Oh My Girl's Hyojung - Scarecrow (by Lee Hi)

AOA's Hyejeong & (G)-Idle's Minnie - instagram (by Dean)

Mamamoo's Hwasa & Lovelyz's Kei - wish you were gay (by Billie Eilish)

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source: Mnet K-POP

Best performances of the night?

Lovelyz Yein - The Kind Ms. Geumja
(G)I-DLE Soojin - Senorita
AOA Chanmi - Strip
Oh My Girl YooA - Smooth Criminal
MAMAMOO Moonbyul - Mirror
Six Puzzle - Power
Park Bom & Oh My Girl's Hyojung - Scarecrow
AOA's Hyejeong & (G)-Idle's Minnie - instagram
Mamamoo's Hwasa & Lovelyz's Kei - wish you were gay

adenar 10th-Oct-2019 06:28 pm (UTC)
The dance performance was awesome, I enjoyed that it genuinely showed a variety of styles rather than just several sexy routines (which are just as valid just very common). I adored Yein's. Yooa was the most adorable mafia boss. Moonbyul was great. I wish they had more time to dance together. I think Moonbyul missed the first part because of scheduling issues not providing her time to practise? But I like to think they excluded her from that because it was a bit sexier compared to the second half of the routine. I wish Eunji had had a solo stage. I know it wouldn't have technically worked but she could have tried to express Bom's personality/presence or something?

The vocal performances were nice but I just sort of felt they all missed something? Especially the eilish/instagram ones, they didn't seem to go anywhere, though at some stages the singers acted like something had happened in the background music when nothing seemed to? They all have nice voices I just was merely Whelmed. I will say that listening to Park Bom sing with a singer with excellent technique/honed skill just shows how her own technique is eating her voice alive (literally imo, she always sounds like she's swallowing her tongue).

Scarecrow as a performance had more of a journey but it felt least like a duet. Their adlibs were awkward and almost painful to listen to to be honest. I get that this was an emotional performance for Bom and I'm glad she can get that catharsis at least.
juhli 10th-Oct-2019 07:38 pm (UTC)
I really wish Minnie and Hyejeong would have gone with a different song, something with a little bit more of a beat ...instagram is really not that exciting to watch as a performance. But i liked their harmonies! I didn't make it through the whole Scarecrow performance. And for the third vocal performance, Kei sounded kinda...too pretty? for the song, idk, sth was missing.

Yein impressed me so much this episode!!! Her solo dance was great, i can see that that was her major, her dance was so light!
Chanmi had the attitude, but her solo performance had a bit too much posturing for me, i would have liked to see more dance. Love that Soojin went with a female dance partner, but maybe it's because she's such a rookie and youngster in my mind, that i didn't fully buy her 'sexy'. YooA my love, did so great with Smooth Criminal, definitely showed a different side from the usual OMG dance style. She's so mesmerizing to watch. Also, i love her outfit during the group performance so much, she looked SO GOOD. Moonbyul was glancing to the ground a bit too often and felt like she was still in that stage where you know the choreo, but you still have to concentrate on it and don't have the time to work with your face. Her popping later was great though, I wished they would have done more with the fan, or like Lia Kim suggested a sword....man, that would have been amazing.
Honestly, the full group choreo was a bit of a let-down after all the great solo stages...maybe it's also because it had so many close-ups, but i feel like i haven't really seen the dance, or that there was a move that left a big impression on me?

All in all, I'm happy that all of them got to show what they wanted to do even when some of it didn't blow me away :-)

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cxxl 10th-Oct-2019 08:24 pm (UTC)
The dance performance was better in the parts than the whole. The first girl and Yooa>>> I felt like Yooa wasted the first little portion in that chair but when she was dancing>>> and I don’t even think that was her best. The final group dance was alright. Other than tabletop girl I definitely thought it was solid all around.
The vocal performances were meh-nice enough. Minnie was giving me avacados and bananas. Instagram was not it.
A reminder that just because you are the vocalist does not mean you can ignore the performance aspect. I feel like a lot of idols learn how to sing sadness and happiness in ONE specific way and that doesn’t translate well out of their bubble. Hwasa got the memo. I will say Kei sounded beautiful (like even just a subtle change in her approach. She tends to have a very happy sound) and I think had she could have gotten the idea of the song down...those two would have been untouchable. Even with just this I think it was the best performance. Still Hwasa was serving while Kei was asking for donations.
Bom is always hard to navigate. That’s all.
babyjenkski 10th-Oct-2019 08:56 pm (UTC)
Minnie and Hyejeong's stage was my favorite. They harmonized the best.

Bom is so endearing to watch with all the girls. She still sings with the YG signature sound which is ok if she's singing solo but it doesn't sound so good to me when harmonizing with someone with a different technique.
frequency 11th-Oct-2019 04:58 am (UTC)
i was mostly underwhelmed by the dance performances tbh. i liked yein's and yooa's performances, though.

bom is really sweet, and i know she was probably feeling a lot of emotions, but her voice really killed that performance for me. especially when she's singing with hyojung. :/

minnie would've sounded nicer if she wasn't doing the ~avocadies and bananies~ singing style. she and hyejeong blended nicely, though.

i'm so tired of billie eilish songs...... they both sounded fine, but i wish they had a song that would've actually showcased their vocal ranges.
camouflagecat 11th-Oct-2019 07:34 am (UTC)
The Billie Eilish song was... an interesting choice. Makes me wonder do these people really understand the lyrics they're singing? Their singing and emoting felt to detached from the occasional quirkiness of the lyrics.

Bom isn't very good in duets, it just reveals all her voice's weaknesses.
scribblyness_x 11th-Oct-2019 11:27 am (UTC)
idk why but the group dance seemed a bit sloppy and overworked? i love lia kim but that choreography just didn't work for me. i was kind of expecting something akin to or surpassing the legendary bang bang stage from p101 and we got something that was less than memorable and slightly messy.

yooa just solidified her mvp spot for me with her fancam

yein's solo was beautiful and mesmorising. HIT THE STAGE 2 WITH YEIN PLEASE.

chanmi's solo was just had a lot of downtime and posturing but imo her and yooa did the best in the group performance even with that little wobble

pseudo_shigure 11th-Oct-2019 07:19 pm (UTC)
i like yein's performance the best. i find yooa's boring, concept wise. the girl from gidle is nice too. the girl from AOA, yeah, i wish there's more dance to it.
i dont care about the vocal performance lol. i wish the girl from OMG sings without bom. the aoa+gidle one, idk i just cant get into them. and lol i just learned about the avocados and bananas term ahahaha. kei and hwasa feel like they interpret the song differently so it doesnt connect.
love_xd 12th-Oct-2019 12:53 am (UTC)
I watched the fancams of the dance performances, some were pretty sloppy and seem kinda sluggish

Yooa did the best in the group perf, I like her Power dance more than the MJ one
aeries_amethyst 12th-Oct-2019 01:52 am (UTC)
soojin is just so mesmerizing to watch! *O* i've gotta say that i was feeling the dance performances way more than the vocals. the vocals had me seriously whelmed. they really needed better song choices. bom really got me emotional but her voice did not work well with hyojung at all. i like instagram as a song, so i didn't mind minnie and hyejong's version of it. i was pretty meh on hwasa and kei's version of wish you were gay.
babyjenkski 12th-Oct-2019 09:23 am (UTC)
Soojin's M2 fancam is the most watched (close to half a million views compared to others with 50k). She's really charismatic on stage.
pppum 12th-Oct-2019 03:46 am (UTC)
After rewatching several time, Yein for me. Her performance stands out.
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