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Chun Jung-myung in Vogue | Lee Da Hae in Marie Claire

Chun Jung-myung, Vogue

Oh, it is GOOD to have Chun Jung-myung back from the army!

The actor is getting right back to work with a new drama (Cinderella’s Sister with Moon Geun-young and Seo Woo) and now a new fashion spread for Vogue. The concept portrays Chun as a mixed martial arts fighter, and the spread was shot over six hours.

Ever since his discharge, Chun had fielded numerous acting offers before settling on Cinderella’s Sister. He explains that he’s a different person now than he used to be (a common remark of men in their post-army careers) and said, “I’ve developed more ambitions about my work but also a sense of responsibility.” He also said, “In order to become a better actor, there are a lot of things I have to learn outside of acting.”

The photo spread and interview will be in the February issue of Vogue; starting January 25, the Vogue homepage will also be showing a video clip of Chun.

Lee Da Hae, Marie Claire

Lee’s shoot takes a so-called “bold concept,” departing from her usual image and showing off her figure. (The pink, according to an editor, was chosen to suit the upcoming Valentine’s Day.)

Aside from looking beautiful in the shoot, Lee Da-hae’s got a lot to be happy about these days; Chuno is kicking major butt in the ratings, and it’s only just begun. It airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays on KBS.

Sources: Newsen & My Daily
Via: 1 and 2 at Dramabeans
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