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I'm Live with Stella Jang

Joining us on this week's I'm LIVE is singer-songwriter Stella Jang! This musician is known for her exceptional songwriting skills, witty interpretations of the little things in life, and her ability to speak 6 different languages - Korean, French, English, Spanish, Chinese and German. From ballads to folk music, she embraces a wide range of genres to fully display her sparkling musicality and also the messages embedded in her songs. Armed with amazing live singing skills and stage manners, she is a popular guest at various concerts and festivals, diversifying the Korean music scene.

On this episode, Stella Jang performs "Vanishing Paycheck," "Alcoholman," "YOLO," "How Could A Person Always Be Lovely," and her rendition of the Yoon Soo-il song "Beautiful." Tune in to I'm LIVE and find joy in life with Stella Jang!

source: ARIRANG TV
Tags: singer
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