4:20 pm - 10/17/2019

Victoria says her goodbye to Sulli and calls out malicious commenters, a "Sulli Act" and more news

On October 17, Victoria shared a group photo of f(x) on her Instagram with the caption,
“Sulli~ The weather is nice today. Goodbye~I won’t forget you. I love you…”

Also: After malicious commenters criticize Krystal for not posting on social media, funeral attendees share that Krystal stayed at Sulli's funeral hall for three days and took part in all funeral proceedings (reddit post)

Lawmakers Reportedly Propose “Sulli Act” To Counter Malicious Comments
According to media outlet World Today, a bill referred to as the “Sulli Act” was proposed by lawmakers to counter malicious comments.

The report states that the bill was proposed by nine members of the National Assembly. Approximately 100 organizations, including the Global Culture & Art Solidarity, Federation of Korean Trade Unions, and Korean Government Employee’s Union, as well as approximately 200 celebrities who either have experience receiving malicious comments or were colleagues with Sulli will be supporting the bill.

The bill will officially be brought to the table on the 49th day of Sulli’s passing, in early December, at the National Assembly’s Memorial Hall.

The Korea Entertainment Management Association plans to take strong action in order to “eradicate cyber violence.” and the Korea Singers Association will establish a counseling center within the Korea Singers Association and arrange specific plans for the support of mental health and laws.

Police Reveal Preliminary Results For Sulli’s Autopsy
he preliminary results have been revealed for Sulli’s autopsy.

The autopsy was held on October 16 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. KST. The Seongnam Sujeong Police Station announced afterwards, “No suspicions of homicide, such as external forces or pressure, were discovered as a result of the preliminary autopsy.”

Further details with information such as drug results have yet to be revealed, but the police plan on closing the investigation soon with no charges.

HA:TFELT Fires Back At Malicious Comment On Choiza’s Instagram After Sulli’s Passing
HA:TFELT (Yeeun) has replied to a malicious comment on Dynamic Duo member Choiza’s Instagram following the passing of his former girlfriend Sulli.

On October 14, a netizen left a comment on Choiza’s Instagram asking him why he did nothing when Sulli left her group and took a break from activities, and the commenter criticized him for not guiding her to prioritize work before love. They asked Choiza if he knew that she was being harassed by malicious comments online when he was busy bragging about dating her on TV. The netizen concluded the comment by expressing their hope that Choiza would no longer be considered as a hero and that women would no longer be used as an “accessory of success” among people in hip hop.

HA:TFELT replied to this comment with the following:

You wrote this comment while pretending to be wise, but do you know how pathetic what you’re saying is? Sulli wasn’t an inexperienced person who needed to be guided; she was a respectable adult and an honest person who was true to her emotions and thoughts. The problem wasn’t the sincerity of their love for each other, it was the malicious commenters who looked at the relationship of these two people with bias, said unspeakable things, and were envious and obsessed. Why was a culture created where people in hip hop view women as an accessory of their success? It’s probably because of society’s perspective where women are seen as accessories of men. Instead of seeing women as independent entities, they suppress their rights and quiet them while defining them as someone’s woman, someone’s wife, and someone’s mother. How does society act towards men? The man should’ve helped her, the man should’ve led her, the man should’ve stopped her—Does a woman’s decision have to be dependent on a man? What is your view on relationships between men and women? Is man the sky and woman the earth? Freedom of speech is a good thing, but be aware of the time and place. Write your shallow thoughts in a diary or in a KakaoTalk chatroom. Don’t throw salt at someone who’s in an unspeakable amount of pain. You don’t have the right to do that.

SM Entertainment Shares Message In Memory Of Sulli

We remember the day we met Sulli.

The lovely girl with a blinding smile grew up into an artist loved by many people, and now Sulli has become a star that always shines in the hearts of those who love her.

We will not forget the beauty and warm heart she has shown us and will cherish them forever.

Following the message on social media, SM Entertainment shared an additional statement on Sulli’s official website.

The statement reads as follows:

This is SM Entertainment.

We express deep gratitude for the consolation offered to [Sulli’s] family along with our artists and staff who have experienced sadness due to the sudden loss.

We also extend our sincere gratitude to the fans who came for Sulli along with the many artists and entertainment industry staff who even adjusted their schedules to mourn with us.

Furthermore, we express deep gratitude to all of the reporters who showed consideration and understanding to allow peaceful commemoration.

Thanks to many people who mourned and commemorated, we sent Sulli off with warmth and peace.

The beauty of Sulli will remain in everyone’s memories forever.

We once again sincerely thank everyone who offered warm consolation.

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sciencebottle 17th-Oct-2019 02:37 pm (UTC)
Good for Victoria. Posting or not posting on social media in remembrance of someone who has passed is not an indication of the closeness of anyone's relationship to that person. The fact that people are hounding Krystal and others who may or may not have been close to Sulli shows that nothing has changed in regards to these comments. People were up on their high horse about 'stopping cyberbullying' for as long as it benefited them, and then went back to mudslinging in the same breath.

RE: Yeeun's comment....There are elements of it I definitely agree with- I feel like putting blame on Choiza does rob Sulli of her autonomy and agency as a person. That being said, I also have absolutely no sympathy for him. He left her to the wolves, and got off scot free.

Edited at 2019-10-17 02:39 pm (UTC)
torontok 17th-Oct-2019 02:50 pm (UTC)
Mte. Choiza can't be blamed for her death because that was ultimately her own decision but he's a creep who groomed her since she was a teen, used for clout and notoriety long after their breakup and let her take the brunt of the negativity for their relationship.He can rot
bob_dabuilda 17th-Oct-2019 02:58 pm (UTC)
Wtf at people STILL leaving hate comments even after this. How obsessed are people with social media for them to criticize Krystal for not posting on insta? Do we need to post for everything? Can we not engage in things irl? What an unhealthy mindset.

Anyways, good for celebs speaking out more. However, while hateful comments were over the top, i think people are forgetting the fact that sometimes, you just need to log off. Sulli had a history of anxiety, depression, and social phobia, yet was engaging with commentors for years. Im suprised nobody from her agency or her close friends told her to log off, that it was unhealthy to engage so much with them. Or did some advise privately? Haven't we been in a situation where we saw a friend engage in toxic relationships and told them to leave it alone? Or log off?

I remember Sulli talking about leaving her family to join SM at a young age, and always thought that was lonely. She was raised in a company and because her family was far and couldn't see everything, had a limited support system. She had a lot of friends, but young friends around your age can't offer too much in support and guidance because they've going through the same things and probably dont know how to cope since they're young and inexperienced as well. Family offers that guidance and support.

On the flipside, Krystal debuted at the same age, but still lived with her parents instead of dorming. Her parents inktially rejected SM's offer since they thought she was too young, and let her join when she was a little older. Plus Krystal had an older sister who was also an idol to confide and find support in. Sulli didn't have that system, and it showed in some ways. While Ye eun defended Choiza, that relationship was eye raising and creepy. While its normal amongst the industry for men in their 30's to date young teen women, its just weird outside of that.

Its not only comments online thst need scrutinizing, but the industry system of casting extremely young talents, moving them from support systems, not offering mental services, and standing by while someone self destructs. Im sure many in SM cared and they did help Sulli, but with her history of anxiety, her insta should have been pulled. The industry can't help a celeb like a loving family can.

neongoldtooth 17th-Oct-2019 04:32 pm (UTC)
This.... all of this. This wasn’t just about Choiza or SM not protecting Sulli there was a bunch of shit she was dealing with. For sure people should be better about what they say about people but also let’s discuss mental health and the fact that it’s treated horribly in SK. Or the fact that Sulli was her own person and people didn’t like that. Sulli might of had a great support system of friends and family and that might have not been enough. I don’t know, no one does, but we really lost an amazing soul. I just wanna see more people celebrating this sweet girl.
apori 17th-Oct-2019 03:01 pm (UTC)
Maybe I'm too negative (but I feel that I am realistic?). If some toothless act is passed in her name is that actually better? She's not around anymore, they're too late.
sciencebottle 17th-Oct-2019 03:05 pm (UTC)
I feel the same way about possible legislative action. The entire problem can't just be reduced down to malicious comments. The malicious comments only served to reinforce toxic ideals in society that boxes women in.
punkylana 17th-Oct-2019 03:10 pm (UTC)
i still haven't accepted it, she's been my fave since 2011, I can't let her go...

fuck netizens and I don't care about choiza so he can fuck off too.
senshicalico 17th-Oct-2019 08:08 pm (UTC)
<3 <3 <3 take care bb
mad_nux 17th-Oct-2019 03:17 pm (UTC)
fuck those netz and fuck that creep choiza
daceymormont 17th-Oct-2019 03:30 pm (UTC)
everyone's obsession with social media and having to publically mourn on those platforms... i will never understand it and i can't believe people are getting accused of not caring just because they didn't make a post on instagram.

i love yeeun but i don't understand why she went out of her way to leave those comments, even though i agree with some parts of it. blaming choiza for sulli's death is unfair simply because no one knows why she did it but he deserves all the criticism since he certainly didn't make her life any easier. he groomed her and then set her up to be insulted and degraded by the public. i feel no sympathy for him in regards to the hate comments.
kyulkyung 17th-Oct-2019 03:37 pm (UTC)
i like yeeun a lot but she really should've minded her business.
ggumd 17th-Oct-2019 03:31 pm (UTC)
good for victoria and this line especially really hit the nail on the head:
"Your own life is a mess, what right do you have to dictate what others should and should not do?"

Also in response to Yeeun's comment about choiza, while I appreciate her sentiment about how a man shouldnt be "leading" in a relationship that the woman is her own person, Choiza's predator ass contributed ALOT to the sexual harassment sulli faced. And all those times he bragged about their relationship not once saying anything about the hate she faced.

Like regardless of the fact he preyed on sulli when she was literally a teenager, when the sexual harassment toward her was at its peak during their relationship, he released that abomination of a song detailing their sex which just amplified the hate toward her. Just compare the difference between the song he wrote about sulli vs his ex gf here:


Lets not forget his hand in the bullying sulli received in her lifetime
azoarka 17th-Oct-2019 03:46 pm (UTC)
the lines about the brush going into the reeds and the peg line....disgusting. I looked at the lyrics and Gaeko's lines are pretty gross as well. That comparison to the song about Han Jina is so damning.
azoarka 17th-Oct-2019 03:39 pm (UTC)
Really wish people would stop being obsessed with tallying who does or does not grieve/"show respect" the right way on social media following any celebrity's death. And I mean for both celebrities AND regular people. You don't know how they process anything or how they deal with something emotionally heavy, you don't know how much they know or don't know, you don't know if they need time or if they need to focus on something else for their own emotional safety, you don't know if they want to put something positive/happy out there to cheer people up instead, you don't know ANYTHING because social media is just a tiny fraction of someone's life. Stop having this mindset that someone need to act exactly /this way/ on social media following a major death or else they're a bad person.
kyulkyung 17th-Oct-2019 03:47 pm (UTC)
i hope people who didn't have anything nice to say about her prior to her death and criticized her for the most miniscule reasons stay away from these posts in the future. seeing comments from people who i very clearly remember being nasty to her for no reason just makes me so unbelievably angry. the post announcing her solo debut was one of the worst.

you weren't obligated to like her when she was alive and you're not obligated to mourn her now.

Edited at 2019-10-17 03:48 pm (UTC)
greasetastic_x 17th-Oct-2019 04:10 pm (UTC)
I appeaciate the idea of a law that will hold commenters responsible for their actions however I think that people are gravely ignoring the fact that mental health being so taboo in South Korea is a major contributing factor to the countless amount of suicides in that country. I think back to Jonghyun's note and how he reached out for professional help and was met with criticisms from a "professional", that shouldn't be okay. Stopping netizens will only attemlt to combat one element of this multifactorial issue.

As for Yeeun's comment, i disagree with her a lot. No that Choiza shouldn't be blamed for her death now but when they were together he didn't do nearly enough to protect Sulli. People didn't want him to protect her because she was a girl and "weak" and "defenseless" and that he needed to be led by a man, they wanted him to protect her because if you're claiming to love someone you wouldn't be playing into bullshit that would bring that person harm. (Besides the fact that he was a creep) he should have taken an active role in trying to thrawt off the negativity that she received during their relationship but he didn't and even played into the shit that people criticized her for.
goshipgurl 17th-Oct-2019 04:21 pm (UTC)
Victoria's statement is really powerful, you can tell that she had to keep these thoughts to herself for years and finally got the chance to let it all out.

Yeeun has a point but... this is Choiza we're talking about. Just no. He deserves to be critized.
jyushimatsu 17th-Oct-2019 04:22 pm (UTC)
If I have to see more news articles feeling bad for someone who groomed a 16 year old is2g

Edited at 2019-10-17 04:23 pm (UTC)
sapphiredeity 17th-Oct-2019 05:08 pm (UTC)
i dont think i will ever stop crying when i think about sulli.. at least for a period of time

i was not a stan of her but i've always felt bad of how much she got. then i watched Jinri Market for fun, i became dumbfounded cuz she was a such a sweet person yet almost everyone hated her.

i just rewatched some eps yesterday and i felt so bad cuz i realized sometimes she showed how lonely she was. i actually cried again bcs she looked so surprised and happy when Taeyeon and Wendy came to support her, almost as if she really didnt expect anyone to come to support her.

i cant help but feel so sad and angry at how hate comments and cyberbullying completely drove someone so kindhearted like her to be depressed and eventuallu committed suicide.

she was just mostly misunderstood by many... i just pray she's at peace now. the world is a cruel place for someone like you...
senshicalico 17th-Oct-2019 08:13 pm (UTC)
" she looked so surprised and happy when Taeyeon and Wendy came to support her, almost as if she really didnt expect anyone to come to support her." god I know this feeling all too well. And what sucks is that if it's how you feel, then you kidna obsess over it later. Like you're so grateful those people came to support you and then you obsess over the fact how rare it is and it just makes you feel WORSE. That glimmer of hope that people actually care starts to fade.

That isn't to say people don't actually care. Just my perspective of what it's like.
coyote_revolver 17th-Oct-2019 05:38 pm (UTC)
This still feels very surreal to me...I feel like any moment now she will update her Instagram. This is so unfair, it makes me so angry.

benihime99 17th-Oct-2019 06:04 pm (UTC)
Im worried for krystal, she s stayed at the funeral hall for 3 days
suggestivepeach 17th-Oct-2019 06:28 pm (UTC)

Yeah, I’m worried too. I hope she’s taking care of herself.

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