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Wait, what? Sunny Hill is coming back?! "Nom Nom Nom" MV Teaser!

Some more updates on what happened since 2017, when SUNNY HILL MEMBERS LEFT LOEN ENTERTAINMENT AFTER CONTRACT EXPIRY
- Early 2019, 2 original Sunny Hills members Seungah and Kota, along with an addition of new members Eunjoo (used to be soloist Ray.B) and Kunhee (former PURFLES leader!) signed an exclusive contract with BOD Entertainment
- In May, Sunny Hill made a Makestar Comeback Support project, that reached 100% within 3 days
- Since then, they've released some covers (1,2) and even performed at a festival
- And now, they are having their first comeback with the new line-up!

source: Music&New, soompi, naver, makestar

Wow, i totally slept through all the developments till i saw the mv teaser today!
Tags: comebacks, sunny hill, teaser

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