1:23 pm - 10/21/2019

Yubin "Start of the End" teaser pics & album tracklist

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lizanka23 22nd-Oct-2019 02:43 am (UTC)
she looks so good. i wonder if it will be a film noir concept and if she will perform together with yoon mirae on music stages
frequency 22nd-Oct-2019 03:47 am (UTC)
she looks gorgeous. i'm disappointed about it being only 2 tracks, but she's delivered w/ her solo stuff so far. i do wish they'd stop calling these "albums" though, lol.
broadcities 22nd-Oct-2019 05:41 am (UTC)
so cool that she's collaborating with yoon mirae! really looking forward to this, her solos have been so good
timetobegin 24th-Oct-2019 07:28 am (UTC)
She looks amazing but peeved its another two track single tbh
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