1:39 pm - 10/21/2019

All Rounder Idol with WJSN Part 2

This time, they cover Apink's "Mr. Chu"

source: 1theK
scribblyness_x 21st-Oct-2019 09:50 pm (UTC)

i swear wjsn are the definition of concept all-rounders. yeonjung especially is great at adapting a variety of concepts and putting her own flair to it.

dayoung went to eat with bomi, i love all wjsn/apink interactions

also OT but the gyroscopic wujubong has been ripped-off lmao legit zero shame in that company to copy such an original lightstick i'm kind of bitter.

(original for comparison lmao /plugs my twitter)
rosiemotleymind 22nd-Oct-2019 01:48 am (UTC)
They really pull off most concepts really well. Even though I prefer their fantasy concepts their adorable ones always make me happy.

Also I’m here to say that I love Seola with all of my heart
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