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The Boyz Hwall announces departure from group due to health issues


This is Cre.ker Entertainment.

First of all, we sincerely thank fans who show endless love and interest for The Boyz. We have unfortunate news to deliver regarding member Hwall.

Due to ankle pain and the poor condition [of his health], member Hwall had temporarily halted official scheduled activities and album promotions to focus on recovery. Along with this, we have had in-depth discussions with the artist himself and his family regarding his future activities and potential to promote.

After careful deliberation, Hwall expressed his intention to suspend activities due to reasons such as his health and mental burden. Following much discussion with Hwall, his family, and [The Boyz] members, we have decided to respect his decision.

Hwall is concluding activities as a member of The Boyz, and we are greatly apologetic to deliver such news to the many fans who have been waiting for Hwall’s return.

We will continue to provide support for Hwall’s recovery and future plans. Although he can no longer continue as a member of The Boyz, we will all be cheering on Hwall for his future ahead, and Hwall will focus on his recovery while also cheering on The Boyz’s activities, so we ask for the understanding of fans.

Furthermore, the members of The Boyz will work hard to greet fans soon with better music and activities.

Thank you.

Hello~ This is The Boyz’s Hwall.

Our THE B whom I sincerely love, I am greeting you through writing as I have something to tell fans.

I am so sad and apologetic that I can only greet you through writing, but I will put in sincerity into every word.

I am letting you know that I made the decision to conclude activities as The Boyz’s Hwall after long and careful deliberation.

I was so happy to receive the love of many fans with every performance, and more than anything, I was eager to achieve my dream (of becoming a well-rounded entertainer who is loved around the world), so I received rehab treatment after my leg surgery.

However, it became a great burden on myself to perform on stage in an imperfect state due to various health reasons, and I expressed my desire to halt activities after deliberating for a long time with my family, members, and agency.

I like and love the stage so much and have gained many memories and experiences after meeting many great people including our THE B, The Boyz members, and Cre.ker family, and I want to express my sincere gratitude as I felt and learned so much through these valuable relationships.

Our THE B whom I cherish and love so much, thank you so much for always being my strength when I’m having a difficult or tiring time and for giving me so much love. You must have waited for a long time, so I feel really apologetic to deliver this news…And our members of The Boyz who always supported and comforted me by my side like brothers, I am so sorry to not be able to go with you until the end. I will continue cheering them on, so please continue supporting and loving The Boyz.

I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has sincerely supported and given lots of love to The Boyz’s Hwall while I was promoting. I promise to always be with all of you who I love and am grateful for, and I will work harder and grow better, not as The Boyz’s Hwall, but as Heo Hyun Jun from now on.

I’m sorry…and along with sad feelings as I conclude this letter, I once thank sincerely thank you and love you.

– From Hyun Jun who admires and loves fans.

source:Soompi, original: Daum: 1,2

OP is big sad rn.
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