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IU posts drawing from Sulli on IG + Sulli completed filming ep 1 of 'Persona' before her passing

October 23, IU made a post on her Instagram for the fourth anniversary of “Chat-Shire,” her mini album released in 2015, featuring a drawing from her late friend Sulli.

IU wrote, “My dear Chat-Shire, happy 4th anniversary.”

The drawing is one that Sulli had posted on her old Instagram, captioned “Portrait,” and later gave to IU. It became the motif for IU’s “Red Queen” and was featured in the “Chat-Shire” album. At the time of release, IU revealed that she saw the drawing at Sulli’s house and took a picture of it because it was a perfect match for lyrics that she had been thinking of.

Meanwhile, IU, who had been preparing for her comeback, wrote a letter to fans earlier this week regarding the postponement of her album release in the wake of Sulli’s passing.

Sulli’s Film Series “Persona 2” Comments On Project’s Status

The production company of “Persona 2” has commented on its future plans.

Sulli was filming for the second series of “Persona” prior to her passing. Similar to the first season, five directors were to film five different stories from their individual perspectives.

Dispatch reported on October 23 that filming was only complete for one segment, directed by Hwang Soo Ah, and filming has now been halted. Director Hwang Soo Ah’s short film reportedly revolved around a doppelgänger concept in which a human and a pig become one.

In response to the reports, the production company Mystic Story commented, “As the lead of the second season of ‘Persona,’ Sulli was in the midst of filming the second segment. Nothing has been decided yet regarding the reveal of this project.”

Mystic Story revealed that they are not in a situation to consider casting a different actor as they are currently still in mourning and have not discussed the future of the series.

The first season of “Persona” starred IU and was released via Netflix. The second season was also planned for a Netflix release.

Another source says that they will probably not release it.

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Would you want to see the Persona ep with Sulli released?
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