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SEVENTEEN (7/13) are "chaotic (rich) youths" for ELLE magazine (Interview + pics)

(Seungkwan eats his nachos with mustard)

OP note: The following translations are taken from various translations from different sources that I frankensteined together. All translation credits can be found at the end of the post.

Hyung-Line (Joshua ,Hoshi, The8, Mingyu)

Q: SEVENTEEN has changed. Different from before, the mature and restrained performance is outstanding.

MINGYU: Until now, SEVENTEEN's albums are a record of who we are at that time and in that moment. We didn't decide to show change at this point, but as time went by, the story inside the album has also matured. Now, SEVENTEEN is at an important time. Our title song 'Fear' captures the fears that we felt at this moment.

HOSHI: All this time, we've been performing/doing stages that are refreshing. I'm happy that we've been given the chance to be able to naturally show our changed appearance. (We could) widen SEVENTEEN's spectrum even further.

Q: Contrary to the feeling of fear, SEVENTEEN has sold 700,000 copies of the album within the first week of release. It is also currently the second most popular K-pop album released this year. What is your next goal?

MINGYU: Whenever we receive questions about our goals, we always come to the answer that there isn't one. We just continue to do our best as we go up one step at a time. But I was really surprised to hear about the sales of this album. It felt like we skipped two or three steps at one time? Of course, there are still many steps ahead. We have to work harder to climb up those stairs (laughs).

THE8: We just wanted to give our thankful hearts to the fans who liked our music. It's a given thought, but I feel like we have to try even harder. We can't take any moment on stage lightly and we have to bear responsibility. That's like the given mission.

JOSHUA: All of SEVENTEEN's members have participated in the production of this album. In the future, I hope that more people can relate to our stories and sympathize with each other. As we share our growth process and communicate with everyone, even if the process of growing is fearful, I still think it's quite fun.

Q: SEVENTEEN has challenged many genres. Is there still a genre that you want to try?

HOSHI: On the day we filmed the 'Fear' music video, I had a dream. On our comeback stage, there was a Latin song playing. Perhaps it's a divine revelation that someday, we'll be performing to Latin music on stage (laughs).

MINGYU: Although an energetic performance is nice, I wonder how a stage decorated with a more artistic style/mood would be like.

JOSHUA: We have yet to release any end of the year Christmas albums, so I'd like to try out working on an album that gives off a warm family vibe.

Q: The theme of your 3rd full album is 'poetry'. The various figurative language and metaphors are quite impressive.

MINGYU: Our definition of 'poetry' is a message that we wanted to relay to someone. Because we were thinking of the words we wanted to tell the people who have been supporting us, it was actually quite fun to write them down. Afterwards, I had a hard time choosing the words, because I had a lot of things I wanted to say.

HOSHI: The whole production process was fun. But because we put in a lot of time to prepare this album, we had to give up our sleep (during our busy schedule), so it was a bit tiring (laughs). The dawn has to arrive for the members to be able to brainstorm. Because there are 13 of us, various opinions kept pouring out. Although this is a strength, it is also a difficult task to gather all opinions together. Even so, WOOZI took charge (of this task). Compared to other members, I think he has the most difficult task.

Q: This album expressed SEVENTEEN's 'growing pains'. Comparing the moment when you debuted and the present, what has changed the most?

MINGYU: We now think about how big of an influence every word we say has on the people who like and support us. It makes us think of how much weight our words have. We want to have an even more positive influence. I want to be wiser.

JOSHUA: I've come to realize that dark feelings and fears are not feelings that I should be embarrassed about. Through this album, I could be honest about these dark feelings that I've kept hidden so far. As time passed by, the things I came to realize seem to have an influence on SEVENTEEN's music.

THE8: For the past 5 years, as I've watched and learned, it seems like I've come closer to the person I want to be and I'm proud of that. When there's a difficult situation, I can think reasonably about how to overcome it. This is one of the aspects that I've matured in.

HOSHI: I always think about (my) attitude and responsibility. The members also began to notice more quickly who is currently struggling. We have so many members that even when we’re apart, there’s always at least one other member next to each member. Whenever it's hard, there will be someone in front of you to pull you up, and someone behind you to push you back up.

Q: The lyrics of 'Snap Shoot' that Mingyu participated in are impressive. Are there members who like to take photos?

THE8: MINGYU and I especially like to take photos. These days we've been into film cameras. MINGYU is the type that prefers to take photos of the members and people/characters (portraits), while I concentrate more on scenery and objects. My memory isn't that good, so I feel like I get to hold on to a moment I want to remember through my camera. I also want to share those joyful and beautiful moments that I felt with the fans.

MINGYU: I always carry both the film and digital cameras around. In the case of film cameras, it often takes weeks or even 1-2 months to develop. We leave our films at the developing lab and wouldn't be able to sleep until the next day because we were so curious how the photos would turn out like. I like that feeling. It's really fun!

Q: Now I'm curious about what your respective 'Happy Endings' are.

JOSHUA: When I return to the dorm after working hard on my schedule. The moment when I lie down on my bed after having a nice shower is my kind of happy ending of my day (laughs).

THE8: In the far future, the moment when I'm living in a house by the beach together with my dog and the person I love!

MINGYU: I'm going to build a house next to THE8's. Even if it takes 5 or 10 years, I want to build it myself. Then someday THE8 would say why do I have to make things hard and build the house myself. Because it's more meaningful, that's why (laughs).

HOSHI: I just thought of mine. I want to be MINGYU and THE8's landlord (laughs).

Q: The members gathered here (for the interview) are in the 'hyung line'. What is good about being a hyung?

JOSHUA: Because I treat the dongsaengs like my friends, I don't really feel the age difference. (Alternatively: Honestly, I don't feel the age difference because my dongsaengs treat me like their friend.) (You can) just think that they are almost the same age as you.

MINGYU: For me, there are times were I feel like I'm the dongsaeng. The hyungs aren't seen like they are older and the dongsaengs are also not viewed as younger. It feels like a family (where everyone is seen as an equal and treated with mutual respect).

HOSHI: That's why sometimes we get confused about each other's age.

Q: The concept of today's photoshoot is SEVENTEEN's chaotic party. If there's a hyung-only party, what kind of party would you want to have?

JOSHUA: Perhaps a house party where there's a great view.

HOSHI: It has always been noisy/chaotic (among the members), so I think spending time calmly would be nice. We would wear cool clothes, like a suit.

THE8: I think wine would be suitable (for this party).

JOSHUA: Playing Billie Eilish's songs in the background would be great too. I think currently, it's the most trendy but unique music. The lyrics that contain her honest feelings are also impressive. So it will definitely be a cool party.

Dongsaeng-line (Seungkwan, Vernon, Dino)

Q: This time around, it feels like SEVENTEEN has become more mature.

SEUNGKWAN: Every time, we think about how we should put our identity into the album. The emotions that we put into this album were just the right feelings at the right time.

Q: But it feels like this new change, rather than fear, there's a stronger feeling that you guys are having fun.

VERNON: I think it was fun because we could express ourselves and we added some new colors (to this album). I find that producing (music) is the most enjoyable job. Because we were able to try a new concept this time, it was especially pleasant.

Q: I heard that there are some of you who spend a lot of time worrying (about the lyrics), and there are other who take little time to write?

SEUNGKWAN: The members are spread between the two types. (Alternatively: All the members experienced both types.) The lyrics to 'Smile Flower', written by WOOZI hyung, were finished entirely in no time after he got the chords. Our title song 'Fear' on the other hand had its lyrics chosen with the greatest care. Each of us wrote down various lyrics and we had long meetings. For 'Second Life', a song sung by Vocal Team, we kept on revising whenever we received opinions from the members. The keyword "second life" was great, but as we started writing it, suddenly "life and death" became connected, it was really profound.

Q: The first week sales for this album were recorded at 700,000.

DINO: I tried to not forget that "The music is made by all of us coming together and we go on stage because it's fun and we like it". So no matter how difficult (something was), we were able to endure. The help from our fans also played a big part.

SEUNGKWAN: Because we want to be singers who speak through our stages, I can confidently say that we go on stage as if our lives are on the line. Our one and only promise and motto is to showcase our absolute best for each album. We believe that if we do that, good results will follow naturally.

VERNON: Rather than a definite goal, whatever it is that we're determined to do, let's have fun while doing it. That's our rule.

Q: If you only look forward and run (towards a certain goal), there must be a day where you want to take a rest...

VERNON: The days when we thought we must rest, are actually the days when we are very lazy. Although there aren't many days like that.

DINO: We're not machines, we don't always practice so hard to the point of death (laughs). On the days when there's a schedule, sometimes we only check the route (OP note: routine?). On the days when we decide to practice, we tune everything from the smallest details to the biggest picture so that everything matches. If we want to dance and sing on the stage for a long time, I realized that controlling/adjusting one's condition is also a very important thing. If we put too much energy into every thing we do, it could turn back on us. While adjusting our speed, we could see and live our life with a more broadened mind.

Q: Do you wonder about Work-Life-Balance? (Korean abbreviation: Wolabel)

DINO: That's a precise expression. After I started dividing my energy, I feel like both my work and relationships worked out well. When I first debuted, I thought that if I always shout 'Fighting', if I'm in the position where I'm leading, right now perhaps another member would be the one leading me. (OP note: not sure what he means)

VERNON: I feel the opposite (of DINO). When I debuted, I felt vague/ambiguous. But now, if I'm not especially busy, I feel empty. That's why I'm the type who goes out and finds work to do. I enjoy a busy daily life.

SEUNGKWAN: Our members can now adjust/control their conditions. Of course, we always give 100% of our energy on stage. Nothing really seems to have changed (laughs).

Q: SEVENTEEN has tried various genres. Is there still a genre that you want to try?

DINO: Thinking about the performance team, we enjoyed everything that's related to dance. Nowadays I'm into rock music. I find the kind of music that makes you use up a wide space on stage and makes the audience become excited, rather charming.

VERNON: Whatever it is, I always want to produce it myself. Even if it's for my own growth, I still want to become a person that can contribute to SEVENTEEN's stage.

SEUNGKWAN: Even though there are many new and cool idol groups, there are fans who have supported me for years. In order to repay those fans, I should become better. That's why after this promotion ended, I thought about going back to playing the piano. I also wanted to try busking while playing the piano.

Q: Your concert was held before this album was released. Is there a song that made you choke up/nearly cry when you sang it with the members?

SEUNGKWAN: 'Smile Flower'. I think every member will agree on this. It's a b-side from an album released about a year and a half after our debut. Since everyone was having a hard time, WOOZI hyung wrote those comforting lyrics as a gift for both the members and fans. It's a fan song, but the lyrics are really pretty. Whenever we sing it in front of the fans, they cry and we cry as well. So it's no longer 'Smile Flower' but rather 'Cry Flower' (laughs).

Q: The team that gathered here is SEVENTEEN's dongsaeng-line. What's good about being a dongsaeng?

VERNON: Living my life and not thinking of myself as a dongsaeng? We all get along like friends.

DINO: We've always been like that.

Q: Don't you think the hyungs would feel wronged?

SEUNGKWAN: That's a feeling they have to deal with themselves (laughs).

VERNON: The hyungs never asked or demanded anything from the dongsaengs.

SEUNGKWAN: Ah, at the meeting or at the press conference, when we have to relay the members' opinions appropriately and coherently, I feel like it was the hyungs (who did that). Although right now, I think that every member speaks well.

DINO: I feel thankful whenever they think of me in daily life. For example, if someones was to go eat something nice, I feel thankful when they say they want to enjoy this meal with all the members.

Q: Among the dongsaengs, if you guys were to host a party, what kind of concept would it have?

VERNON: Like I said, a messy chaotic party. (I want to) buy whatever we're going to eat and lay them out in a wide room, and then play music loudly.

SEUNGKWAN: If we need a trendy song, I think Billie Eilish's songs would be a great choice.

Q: The hyungs also picked Billie Eilish, seems like you guys are on the same page (laughs). For this album's last song, everybody wishes for a 'Happy Ending'. What is your happy ending?

DINO: For the members to always be healthy. It's an obvious wish, but if the wish really came true, it would be one of the ending scenes.

SEUNGKWAN: It would be great if there's no ending, but if those moments were to come, I want every member to realize that it's our last album and participate in the promotion actively. We should properly produce our last album for the ones we are thankful for and end everything beautifully.

VERNON: That's a good thought. After the ending, I hope that the memory we thought of would always be beautiful.

pic source: @ELLE_KOREA, @looveeeeeU, naver, @pledis_17 1 2
translation source: @SVTGlobal, @kidmingyu, @seungkwaned, @chanshua_xd, @gentlemanshusu, @rozerenity, @paleightte, @17_HAMZZI 2, @kwancentral, soompi, naver

Damn does Vernon look good. Also, SEVENTEEN Christmas album incoming!!!

"Whenever it's hard, there will be someone in front of you to pull you up, and someone behind you to push you back up."
I really really like Seventeen's team dynamic.
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