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QUEENDOM Roundup: Ep 9 Performances + Ep 8+9 Viewing Post (ENG SUB) + Release of Final Songs

Episode 9 Performances

Oh My Girl - Twilight (Queendom Ver.)

Lovelyz - Cameo (Musical Ver.)

Park Bom - Eyes, Nose, Lips (by Taeyang)

As a refresher, last week's post with AOA, (G)-IDLE and Mamamoo's performances.

Best performance of the night overall?

Oh My Girl
Park Bom

Do you agree with the show ranking? Here are the results:
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Rank Participant Score
1 Oh My Girl 11572
2 Mamamoo 10612
3 Lovelyz 10504
4 (G)I-DLE 8284
5 Park Bom 7098
6 AOA 5577

[Eng Sub] Ep 8 + 9 Viewing Post

VIU (region-locked) | kshow123 | dramanice

“Queendom” Performers Go Head-To-Head With Release Of Final Songs
On October 25, the six teams of “Queendom” released their final songs on music streaming sites. The chart success of the songs will affect their ranking in next week’s finale. They will perform the songs on the upcoming Queendom finale.

First up is AOA’s “Sorry,” which is their first song in approximately one year and five months since “Bingle Bangle” and is also their first official song release as a quintet. The track is an urban pop song that tells the story of two people whose love has changed as they fall into a routine, wearing them out and making them want to end things.

The second song is “Moonlight” by Lovelyz, which details the ironic situation of wanting leave the side of a loved one but not being able to. The lyrics compare the complicated emotions of such a situation to dancing under the moonlight, and goes well with Lovelyz’s lyrical voices to create an entrancing song.

Next is Park Bom with “Can’t Turn Back, Can’t Go Back, Nowhere To Go Back” (literal title), an epic chillstep track that talks about the regrets, longing, and other mixed emotions a person can have, not just about a breakup, but about the path they’ve been walking down. The song’s poetic lyrics are set to resonate with listeners as it touches upon a variety of emotions and situations that anyone can experience.

Oh My Girl has prepared “Guerilla,” with combines a melancholy synthesizer sound, orchestra, and psytrance bass to create a unique song. The lyrics contain a message of wanting to move forward into a bigger and better world and make their dreams into a reality, and they are said to be preparing a performance that will be like pushing through rough waves in the darkness to head for the light.

“LION” is the new song by (G)I-DLE, which leader Soyeon worked on composing and writing the lyrics for. The song has a majestic drum instrumental and 808 bass sound. The lyrics compare being a queen to a regal and charismatic lion, detailing the fight, perseverance, and scars the lion takes on to protect its throne, reflecting a cold but beautiful strength.

Finally, MAMAMOO has released “Destiny,” a song about two people part with a promise to meet again. They believe that no matter how long the journey is and how much time passes, even if they have to traverse the universe, they will always meet again like it was meant to be.

What's your favorite song?

AOA - Sorry
Lovely - Moonlight
Park Bom - Can't turn back, can't go back, nowhere to go back
Oh My Girl - Guerilla
Mamamoo - Destiny

And here's how the songs are doing on the charts
[Spoiler (click to open)]Here are the songs’ realtime rankings on Korea’s three largest music charts as of 1 p.m. KST that day:

Melon — 1 p.m. KST

54. Oh My Girl
62. (G)I-DLE
63. Lovelyz
64. AOA
92. Park Bom

Genie — 1 p.m. KST

10. Oh My Girl
17. Lovelyz
21. (G)I-DLE
23. AOA
36. Park Bom

Bugs — 1 p.m. KST

2. Oh My Girl
4. (G)I-DLE
6. Lovelyz
10. AOA
14. Park Bom

The following is the rankings as of 9 p.m KST, with some artists off the Melon Top 100 by this point:

Melon – 9 p.m. KST

95. Oh My Girl

Genie – 9 p.m. KST

41. Oh My Girl
52. (G)I-DLE
68. AOA
77. Lovelyz
115. Park Bom

Bugs – 9 p.m. KST

4. (G)I-DLE
5. Oh My Girl
14. AOA
17. Lovelyz
39. Park Bom

The winner of “Queendom” will be determined through rankings from the three rounds of performance battles, the digital scores of the comeback singles they released, and the live votes for their performances in the finale. The winner will have the chance to perform their own comeback show.

“Queendom” will air its live finale on October 31 on Mnet, with each of the artists performing their new songs for the first time.

source: Mnet, u/CronoDroid, soompi 2 3, The Cheat, naver 1 2 3 4 5, star.hankookilbo

Holy banana, the final songs are amazing!
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