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[ENG SUB] Pretty 95s eps 6 & 7

On Google Drive Episode 6 and Episode 7

Watch episodes 1 to 3 HERE and episodes 4 and 6 HERE

Pretty 95s, a new travel variety series featuring BTOB's maknae Yook Sungjae and his squad of 1995-born best friends. The six-member cast of Pretty 95s include; Yook Sungjae (BTOB), the leader of the “95s (Gu-os),” together with Kwangmin, Youngmin, and Minwoo (Former Boyfriend), Ricky (Teen Top) and Baek Kyung Do (Model).

Pretty 95s offers fans exclusive insight to the group’s friendships and their unique personalities as the boisterous crowd travel around Seoul sharing their favourite hangout spots and latest trends. From spontaneous fun activities to giving back to the community, this bunch of Gu-os prove that despite their age they know how to work hard and play hard.

SOURCE: YeJiApSubs on Twitter

I laughed so much watching episode 6. These kids are really crazy! They went to Teen Top's concert to support Ricky and Niel really just have to ask for discounts on Yanolja from Sungjae lol For sure he was just joking but I still find it really funny.
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