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2AM's new album without JYP tracks

2AM, Mini Album No tracks produced by JYP.

2AM’s new mini album “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die” has been revealed online on the 21st.

This mini album with 6 tracks, all produced by Band Si Hyuk, gave music fans a hot interest as immediate 5 teasers were revealed. Also gaining interest was the fact that out of the 6 tracks, none of them were produced by Park Jin Young.

Park Jin Young wrote 3 tracks for 2AM’s new album and was preparing for 2AM’s comeback. But, as soon as he heard Bang Si Hyuk’s song “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die” he said, “There is no other song meant for 2AM” (Meaning this song was meant for 2AM and other songs did not compare). After JYP was free from producing 2AM’s album he praised the song even more saying it is, “a best ballad”.

The 3 tracks that JYP already produced for 2AM will be featured in a re-package album as it also shows the attractive points of 2AM.

On the 21st, 2AM’s mini album “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die” was released and will be released off-line (in stores) on the 26th.

CREDITS; OSEN (SOURCE) and jina_bing_bang @ 2ONEDAY.COM

Hmm, a re-package? Wish they made a full album from the start including those 3 tracks and a few more instead. Still, nice that they'll be getting even more songs. :)
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