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Monsta X Update: Wonho's apology letter, Starship clarifies rumor about Shownu, etc.

This is Wonho.

First, I would like to apologize for not being able to keep the promise that I would only provide good memories to our fans and for causing them pain. Furthermore, I apologize for causing concern to many people due to my personal issues.

I have received undeserving blessings and love while promoting as a MONSTA X member. I sincerely thank you for making precious memories for me. To the members who worked hard with me and stayed with me, I would like to tell them that I’m thankful and that I love them. [I would also like to show them] my apologetic heart.

There was a time when I was immature and have made big and small mistakes, but after becoming a trainee and making my debut, I stayed on track and worked hard to avoid being ashamed of myself.

I am announcing that I am leaving MONSTA X today.

I am apologetic for causing harm to the members due to the unfortunate issues related to me. More than anything, I am sorry for disappointing my fans who believed in me. I have reached this decision after seeing many people having a hard time because of me.

In addition to our members, I once again sincerely bow my head in apology to the fans who have believed in me and supported me.

Please give strength to MONSTA X.
The members have nothing to do with me.
I carefully ask that you at least give support and encouragement to the members.
They are people who are too good to stop and get hurt like this because of someone like me.
I am so thankful and apologetic to the staff, members, and lastly our fans who have allowed me to enjoy such happiness until this point.

Prior to Wonho leaving Monsta X, Jung Da Eun posted her chat logs with Wonho's lawyer that also had more details on how he owed her so much money:

Laywer: “I’m MONSTA X Wonho’s lawyer. We’re currently checking whether a post you recently made is true. Please give me a detailed explanation of what you meant by “Hoseok, when are you going to pay me back?”
Jung Da Eun: Tell Shin Hoseok to contact me himself.
Laywer: Can we meet in person? I’ll relay your message as well.
Jung Da Eun: Come to Songdo. Meet me in front of XXXX XXXX in Songdo.
Laywer: Can you come to our office instead? It’s in Gwanghwamun.
Jung Da Eun: I don’t think I have a reason to go all the way there. Since I’m the victim, it’s not right for me to go all the way there.
Laywer: In what way were you victimized? Wonho doesn’t think he owes you any money, so we’re very curious. If you tell me how you were harmed, I’ll relay the message in detail, and we’ll make sure you won’t become a victim.
Jung Da Eun: He thinks paying me back 2 million won (~$1700 USD) settles it? I’m speechless. We lived in Yeoksam-dong together before, and we were supposed to split the rent 50/50, but Shin Hoseok didn’t pay his part, so my 10 million won (~$8500 USD) got taken. He also stole all my stuff and sold them online, and he borrowed 3 million won (~$2500 USD) and 5 million won (~$4200 USD) at a time and promised to pay me back. And until 2016, he used the excuse of his balance not being settled at his agency, and when I asked him to pay me back in late 2016, he said his daily spending limit was 1 million won (~$855 USD) so he just sent me that amount for two days.
Laywer: I will confirm this with my client. Please give me a more detailed list of the items and amount.
Jung Da Eun: Talk to my lawer at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Han Seo Hee (or Jung Da Eun) then took to twitter and hinted at how Wonho served time at a juvenile detention center for aggravated theft.

"I know exactly what you did in 2008 — that aggravated theft charge at Suwon Detention Center."

"I haven’t even gotten started yet. Isn’t [time at] juvenile detention center not a criminal history?"

On October 31, Han Seo Hee posted screenshots of a DM received by Jung Da Eun, who previously made claims against Wonho. This direct message was sent by a man saying that his wife cheated on him with Shownu and included a screenshot of a text message from Shownu’s legal representative. The text from the legal representative said that Shownu was unaware of the woman being in a relationship.

'Dear XXX (name),

After checking with Shownu, we have learned that Shownu had no idea that XX (wife) was married, or even had a boyfriend. If he knew that XX had a boyfriend, why would he ever meet her? He has stated that he has no plans to meet with XX in the future.

Shownu has not been in contact with XX since receiving a phone call on September 10. He has no plans to get in contact with XX in the future, for any reason. Shownu does not want to be involved in the lawsuit between you and your wife. Please understand the above.'

Starship Entertainment released the following statement regarding this matter:

Shownu was in contact with the woman in question prior to her marriage. The woman got married recently around August, but our agency confirmed that Shownu did not know at all because the woman did not tell Shownu.

Her husband contacted the agency, so we met up with him, and the whole story was explained. Afterwards, Shownu, who belatedly found out about her marriage, no longer contacted this woman at all. Shownu revealed that he would not get involved in the matters of a married couple’s relationship, and a text was sent via the law firm to confirm this stance.

Regardless of the situation, we express apologies for causing emotional pain to the involved individuals and bringing trouble to fans. Furthermore, as an agency with the duty to protect our artists, we ask for your understanding of the possibility that we may inevitably take legal action regarding excessive misunderstandings and speculations.

source: @soompi 2, soompi 2, koreaboo 1 2 3, asianjunkie 1 2, naver, kookjae, cvors, nate
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