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BEAST's album is still popular + fans want AJ

6-member idol group BEAST has sold 20,000 albums within 3 months of their debut.

Last year, BEAST debuted with their album 'Beast is the B2ST' and promoted their title song 'Bad Girl.' They are currently gaining popularity with their follow-up song 'Mystery.' Today's rookie artists typically sell around 3000 albums when they debut. This is evidence that the CD market is shrinking and that rookie artist album sales are falling. But because BEAST's album has been selling so well after their debut, the group is receiving a lot of attention.

A company representative for BEAST revealed, "Currently, BEAST's album is still popular in the offline market. We have sold all the albums we made at first, so we are tentatively planning to produce 5,000 more."

BEAST's popularity is influencing Lee Kikwang as well. Fans are even looking for the album he produced under the name AJ. The company is also considering reissuing AJ's album.

BEAST's popularity is due to the members' individual charismatic appearances and harmonious voices. This has been acknowledged by the famous album company Universal Music. BEAST is preparing an album to be released in overseas market in the beginning half of this year.

Translation: illuminate.@ B2ST Rising

Good to know. The songs are all good and the mini album's package is really well made. Congrats to Cube and the boys!

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