12:28 pm - 11/04/2019

Kakao M involves police after they catch fans audio-livestreaming IU's concert

On November 3, IU’s agency, Kakao M, released a statement about actions taken against concertgoers during a concert at the Gwangju University Universiade Gymnasium the previous night.

"Hello. This is Kakao M.

These are the details regarding measures that were taken against [a concertgoer] who was kicked out of IU’s Gwangju concert on November 2.

This Gwangju concert was the starting point of a tour that was created through many worries and hard work during a time when the artist has been in an anxious and mentally unwell state, which also delayed her album release.

We had various concerns about this concert, such as the possibility of a misunderstanding if IU’s honest thoughts toward the venue’s audience were shared via voice broadcast or turned into text, or if unexpected emotional events were to occur beyond what is normal for a performance.

As a rule, photography and video recording are prohibited during performances, but we have not strongly imposed this rule as long as it didn’t inflict harm on surrounding concertgoers. But we decided that this concert had special circumstances.

Some concertgoers were caught live-streaming at the venue and were kicked out during the November 2 Gwangju concert. Because the staff does not have the right to randomly search personal belongings of audience members during the fact-checking process, the streaming equipment was checked with the presence of the police, and both sides prepared written statements that confirmed the details after going to the Gwangju Hanam Police Station.

It has been reported that a complaint was filed, but the truth is that the concertgoer who was kicked out of the venue wrote a statement and a concert staff member wrote a report of the incident.

During the confirmation process, it was revealed that one of the people caught had been live audio streaming for many years, and had began live streaming this concert from the start for about four hours with a total of about 140,000 listeners.

We sincerely apologize to surrounding audience members whose concert-viewing was unintentionally disturbed and those who felt uncomfortable by the staff’s forceful actions and process. We apologize for creating this kind of misunderstanding and hurting the feelings of fans who love IU.

Although there might be a difference in the views of the staff and fans, we believe that everyone has the same mindset in caring for and loving the artist IU.

We will work hard to create a smooth operation for the rest of the concert tour, “Love, Poem.”

How did they catch the livestreamer? u/jeeeeek on r/kpop said:
"The only reason the guy was caught was because security was asking everyone in a section to see their tickets. Another security personnel listening to the stream overheard his colleague and pinpointed their exact location and caught the guy. Also, someone posted where they were sitting so there’s that. Security was also able to hear similar sounds on another stream and caught a different person nearby, unluckily.
So basically, kakao-m is lurking online forums and social media."

source: soompi, naver, @soompi, @jieunlui, u/jeeeeek

IU :((((( I hope her fans at the concerts can give her healing and comfort....
aures 4th-Nov-2019 11:54 am (UTC)
poor soul, i know ppl all have their opinions but im glad her agency is taking her side in this and having her back
it's also sad that ppl still view sadness/suffering etc. as their weak side

oh a different note, love poem is so extremely beautiful, i have been playing it a lot already
juhli 4th-Nov-2019 12:03 pm (UTC)
Imo, involving the police is overkill, hoping the fans at least won't get sued :/ I get that it's against policy, but isn't kicking them out of the concert or other measures that don't involve the police enough?

I'm always thankful when someone shares a mixlr-link with fandom, because so many fans don't have the opportunity to go to the concert (especially when seats are sold out quickly or you are countries far away)...those livestreams are only shared in the fandom anyways because you gotta have to be a fan to endure the subpar audio.
921227 4th-Nov-2019 12:14 pm (UTC)
Policy is policy i guess
Is IU upset about the streaming itself??? Like, idk why this seems so dramatic
juhli 4th-Nov-2019 12:40 pm (UTC)
We don't know how IU herself feels about it, but i doubt she had anything to do with how Kakao M were handling the situation at the concert...probably only got informed about it after the concert or when it became a hot deal on online communities.
goldenrosalie 4th-Nov-2019 01:34 pm (UTC)
oh so police is out there busting their asses trying to catch illegal streamers instead of criminals involved in human trafficking, tax evasion, gambling... all according to plan, i guess...
it does seem a bit dramatic but considering what kind of mental state iu may be in right now due to certain tragic events - i can't blame her. if it gives her peace and comfort then go for it, i guess? i can imagine that petty streaming may have a significant impact on artist like her. but i personally hope that nobody gets sued tho.
kcaomei 4th-Nov-2019 03:44 pm (UTC)
poor IU, depending on how she feels about this whole situation, i hope it doesn't upset or get to her too much<3

i feel like involving police is too much esp when kicking the offenders out seems like punishment enough to me
swhyeon1991 5th-Nov-2019 07:47 am (UTC)
Because the staff does not have the right to randomly search personal belongings of audience members during the fact-checking process, the streaming equipment was checked with the presence of the police

Isn't the police involvement because so that they can perform search on the live streamer? I wish people would respect intellectual property rights but yeah we have more serious offenses so that this kind of trivial things should just be ignored I guess.
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