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Supernova up #4 on Oricon daily chart with latest single ‘Last Kiss’

Group Supernova is said to have gone up to the #4 spot on Japanese Oricon chart with their Japanese single ‘Last Kiss’ on 20th January.

Supernova has received much love with their collaboration with T-ara on song ‘T.T.L(Time to Love)’ previously in 2009. Their Japanese debut single ‘Kimi Dake Wo Zutto’ released back then was also up #5 on Oricon daily chart, and #7 on its weekly chart, receiving much attention from music fans.

After ‘Kimi Dake Wo Zutto’, the singles ‘SuperStar Reborn’ and full length album ‘Hana’ released in the 3 weeks following that is also up on top 10 ranks on the chart.

And their 4th single ‘Last Kiss’ released on 20th January is up #4 on the chart. Tough competition was initially expected since there are single releases by popular Japanese singers on 20th January.

After ‘Last Kiss’, Supernova will also be releasing their 2nd full length Japanese album on 3rd March, and will be promoting the album in Japan.

Sources: Newsen + K-Bites

O_O Wasn't expecting that. Link to their music video for anyone interested.
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