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Welcome Back Mate

Korean indie rock group, Mate returns with a new mini album, With Mate.

Their new mini album has 6 tracks with "이제 다시" as their title track. Mate has worked hard to bring a different side of that of their first album.

The group had their debut back in 2009 and released their first album, Be Mate. The album went to No. 1 on the rock album sales chart. Along with their success on the chart, they were also award with the newcomer award for the 16th Korean Music Awards.

Their first concert sold out in 4 hours and their next in 6 minutes.
Mate - With Mate Track List
01. It's all about love
02. Better
03. 이제 다시
04. Go
05. Dear my mate
06. 긴 시간의 끝

Granted the album's been released already, but still...OMG YAY. :D

And first post on omona go meeee~

source: omgkpop && youtube
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