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Gong Yoo and Lee Min-Jung for Mind Bridge

Gong Yoo was released from the military on December 8, 2009, but he’s already hard at work. The “Coffee Prince” star had a couple photo shoot with Lee Min-jung (Smile, You).

Gong Yoo was off to serve his mandatory military service in January of 2008, at the height of his career after “Coffee Prince.” Since he came back to civilian life, he’s quickly returning to his celebrity life. He starting his road back into the limelight by being a model for Korean clothing store, Mind Bridge.

The 30-year-old actor looks long and lean in this photo shoot, and I imagine his acting comeback will be any time now.

Are you looking forward to a Gong Yoo-filled 2010?

Source: popseoul.com
Welcome back! :)
Tags: lee min jung, photoshoot
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