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CNBlue expresses, "We plagarised? It seems unfair."

Officals expressed that the recent news of newly debuted 4-member idol band, CNBlue, plagiarising seemed unfair.

On the morning of 22nd January, CNBlue's company representatives told Money Today Star News through a phone call that the controversy and related news was unfair in many ways. They said that an official statement will soon be released.

Before their debut, CNBlue gained a lot of interest with Jung Yonghwa's appearance in SBS drama, You're Beautiful. Their title song, Lonely, from their first mini album topped the charts after the release on 14th January.

However, some netizens found and claimed several similarities between Lonely and indie band Ynot's digital single, Blue Bird, which was released last year. Netizens say that parts like the introduction and the chorus are similar, hence accusing CNBlue of plagiarism.

Original source: Star News
Translated by: crystalheng

ETA: CNBLUE’s official response to plagiarism allegations – “Unbelievable”

FNC Music boldly stated:

“Unbelievable. They are barely similar. The only similarities are the chords in the introduction and the style of music. If ‘I’m a loner’ has a similarity controversy for these reasons, then all the music on this planet will never be free from such controversy.”

FNC Music added:

“Due to this incident, this is the first time we have ever heard about the group Ynot, in addition to their song ‘Blue bird’.”

In regards to plagiarism allegations:

“Plagiarism can only be determined by the courts ruling. There hasn’t even been a court ruling but the media is already throwing around such hot words. We plan to take appropriate measures against these outlets.”

In regards to Ynot who stated that CNBLUE’s track is not a mere coincidence:

“Ynot claimed in an interview that they didn’t want ‘noise marketing’, however, if that was really the case, they would’ve approached the composer or producer first. If their true motives were to raise their awareness by riding on the coattails of CNBLUE’s rising popularity and fame, they will have to take responsibility for their actions.”

FNC Music is extremely concerned about CNBLUE’s reputation and image due to these plagiarism allegations, and of course because they are a new band, they want to start off on the right foot.

*unnecessary commentary omitted*
Source: AKP
Original Source: Star News
Thanks to xshinebrighterx

ETA2: Netizens were the first to bring up the issue.
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