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Omona, have you ever asked the universe for a sign and then it appeared?

aures 8th-Nov-2019 08:47 am (UTC)
hi omonafriends~ how are you? how was your week? what are you guys up to this weekend? do you have anything nice to look forward to or are you relaxing at home?

i think at the beginning of the year or so i asked you guys for anti-aging tips and some of you recommended retinol, been using it ever since and i want to thank the ppl who recommended it to me because it has done wonders for my skin, i still obviously have the fine lines/wrinkles, but overall my skin does look a lot better (i use it combined with some other products from The Ordinary). So.. thanks~ ♥

otherwise i had a rough week, i had 4 migraine attacks yikes. yesterday i was finally migraine free which was nice.
today i want to use my bread maker to make a gluten free bread, i bought a gluten free bread mix and i just have to add water, yeast and oil i think, i hope it will turn out well~ i'm not gluten free (i usually eat/make spelt bread), but i do really enjoy trying out different and new things and i usually really enjoy gluten free things because i find them easier to digest. are you guys gluten free? or low on gluten?

i'm so curious to see where CL is going from now on. what do you guys think? in my recent post a lot of you were hoping for bom's agency, aomg, her own ageny, psy's agency or just any agency besides YG basically. i truly hope for a 2NE1 reunion in the future, i wonder how long Dara still has left w/ her contract and if she wants to renew or not (i hope not).

happy to see hyuna and dawn promote as well, it's so refreshing to see them get a second chance, i hope they will continue to do well. do you guys like their comebacks?

anything else fandom-wise you are excited about?

have a good weekend guys ♥
apori 8th-Nov-2019 09:44 am (UTC)
Ooh you got your breadmaker already, which one did you go with in the end? I hope your bread turns out delicious, as you know, in my experience you really can't go wrong with those and the freshness is always nice.

4 migraine attacks in a week, yeesh, I hope you're feeling better now :(. Please take care and rest if you can now that it's weekend. Do you know what your triggers are? I have no idea about mine, but my migraine is really inconsistent (can be years in between or consistently for weeks). Truly the worst, hope it's gone for a while now! <3

Also curious what CL will do now. My excitement for her being free of them is tempered by sadness at how YGE literally destroys peoples youths and takes years of their lives. She's one of the best examples of it. I hope she finds herself somewhere she can feel appreciated and happy now, where ever it is. I'll always want 2NE1, but I'm also OK with them just getting along and maybe featuring on each other's solo stuff, anything will make me happy!
aures 8th-Nov-2019 01:31 pm (UTC)
yes i did! a couple of weeks ago, but i have only tried it once yet, today is the second time so i'm still getting used to it haha im still so confused
so far i've only made a spelt bread, and today a gluten free bread but it's still cooling down so i dont know how it turned out yet! but it smells super nice... i still had a lot of bread in the freezer so i had to eat all of that first (i usually bulk buy lol + with the spelt bread i baked it lasted me like 3 weeks).
the smell is just wonderful here right now

yes it was awful! i have a lot of triggers but at the same time i don't? like, i know when i'm really stressed or have a lot going on that i'm more prone to migraine or when i get a lot of physical or mental (or both) stimulation i get migraine. but sometimes it's just out of the blue and i have no idea why, probably just my disease and it runs in the family (my dad, my aunt and my grandma also have/had a LOT of migraine attacks). but food wise i haven't really found a trigger except chocolate, can only handle 1 small tablespoon cocoa powder
oh well, i guess it's just my general triggers like light/sound/touch/emotions/stress/fatigue

me too! i'm so glad she's free now and it's never too late for her to start blooming again, just look at bom! she's doing so well now, she still shines so brightly, CL can definitely do it too if someone snags her and helps her out! i really hope she can join bom's agency, we all know bom reeeeeeeeeeally wants to reunite so i hope they can make it possible if they are all willing
gathyou 8th-Nov-2019 10:47 am (UTC)
Shitty week lol I don't want to be back!!! and it's just so cold, windy and rainy here, I've seen sick as soon as I stepped into France lol.

Four migraine attacks omg ;_; virtual hugs for you, I'm glad you're feeling better today and hopefully it will last for a long, long time!!!

I hope the bread tastes good :D you're always sharing a new cooking adventure in FFAs and in turns you always make me feel so hungry XD
I'm not gluten free, I digest things pretty well overall. I would feel so weird buying gluten-free stuff, there are many people who need these options (whether fully intolerent or just uneased by it like you), I'm lucky I don't have to.

I'm excited about Golden Child coming after a year of waiting, and wil a full album!!! I don't listen to a lot of boy groups, but I really enjoyed their energetic, fresh concept and I missed them a lot. I'm still a little cautious about the change in concept as I really don't want them to do the usual moody boy group concept, but one year... I'll take whatever I get from them (insert obligatory fuck you Woollim lol).

aures 8th-Nov-2019 02:33 pm (UTC)
thank you <3

haha yes i understand, reading about someone else's cooking adventures can really make you hungry XD it's a nice little thing to keep me busy/give me something to take my mind off things and with all the help i get (like the bread maker) it's sitll nice without it being too much/overwhelming (this is already pushing the limit v. much)

lucky you are able to digest things so well, i have always had a difficult time digesting things, already as a child though i still ate everything back then. i went low fodmap before i went vegan, now i still eat relatively low fodmap (but not very strict) and i eat vegan so it can be challenging, but there are still plenty of things i can eat and that's also why i try to make/bake things because it's harder for me to buy stuff, but it's rewarding and challenging in a good way
i don't feel weird buying gluten-free products, if anything i think it's actually really helpful because the more people buy the products are made gluten-free so that's very helpful for ppl with coeliac disease/gluten intolerance. i wouldn't say im completely intolerant, i can handle small portions but i definitely notice it when i eat more bread for example so i have to be very mindful (or accept the v. ibs symptomes that will come with it if i do indulge)
same goes for vegan stuff, the more people buy, the more they will produce
i really noticed that a LOT of stuff has become gluten free these days, so that's really lovely actually

oh yes i do really like GC too! i hope their next concept will be nice, also don't want them go do the moody boy group concept like all of them do, i want their happy fresh concepts back
also @ woolim; i hope rocket punch will also make a comeback, i really liked their debut, they were so adorable and cute and refreshing
gathyou 10th-Nov-2019 09:15 pm (UTC)
Sorry for the late reply TT
I've noticed that too! It's really cool that it's more available :)
It's weird in some way because every once in a while I'll eat vegan (vegan dishes can have very nice options of roasted vegetable for example) but I don't feel like I'm taking something I'm not supposed too, but I don't really touch gluten-free. I guess that's because I'm slowly moving to a "flexitarian" diet (I think that's the official word?), reducing animal products, so it's part of the process for me.
It's good then, you're still able to get bread in small quantities or indulge yourself if you're ready to accept the consequences haha. I would be so sad without bread TT We French people love our breads XD

Rocket Punch were so fresh and cute!!! loved their debut. I'm really looking forward to the follow-up, if Woollim groups are any occasion it will be just as good (or even better?!).
Golden Child seems to have some Infinite sounds in the first spoilers, and I'm really looking forward to the unit/solo songs too. Cautiously excited!!!
mallmouse 8th-Nov-2019 08:07 pm (UTC)
4 migraine attacks in a week??? How long did they last for? I've come to accept that the 'migraine at night; gone in the morning' phase has ended for me, and that now I'm in the 'migraine at night, at in the morning, and next night too' phase. Do you also vomit? Is it period-related?
aures 9th-Nov-2019 07:36 am (UTC)
how long my migraine attacks last is really different, sometimes 3/4 of a day, sometimes 2 days :(
thank god i don't vomit, i do get really sick and nauseous and i constantly feel like throwing up but i just /cant/, i haven't been able to throw up close to 20 years now.. it's both a curse and a blessing
no it's not period related, it has more to do with my disease and it really runs in the family, so it can't really be helped :(

sorry to hear you are experiencing them, too! do you have something that helps you manage them or lessen the blow? or not much? did you find your triggers?
mallmouse 9th-Nov-2019 08:24 am (UTC)
Yeah, well, my trigger is purely the fact that I'm not a man. Sometimes it's right before my period, sometimes right after I get it, sometimes like 10 days later. There's nothing I can do about it, just lay in bed as I'm unable to do anything else, throw up repeatedly and wait for it to end. It's been ok with my current work because they know and I make arrangements with my collegues, but starting from next year I'll have to work like an hour away so I won't be able to make such arrangements and drive myself later in the morning there. Oh well, at least it's not life-threatening, and that's what we should be grateful for :)
adenar 8th-Nov-2019 08:44 pm (UTC)
My feeling is that wherever CL (and/or Minzy and Dara since they're suing for termination/potentially negotiating their contracts) ends up is a lot more likely than YG to be open to a 2ne1 reunion. What agency in their right mind wouldn't be?

I am excited for Nature's comeback (and Kim Sohee's re-debut!) and also hopefully to watch Hinapia rise.
aures 9th-Nov-2019 07:38 am (UTC)
oh finally another Nature lover! i started liking them immediately when they had their debut, they are so adorable, i find it sad that they have already gone through member changes this early on, but i hope they will stay more stable now, their lives are always so fun to watch and i hope they will come with something good

and yes @ hinapia! i really really hope so, they really deserve it after the hard time they went through, i hope their new agency will treat them well
adenar 9th-Nov-2019 09:03 am (UTC)
I've only peripherally followed Nature til now (the members I know are Lu from her MCing work and I know their main vocal Chaebin as I follow any PD101 trainee with interest) but with Sohee joining I will check them out more interestedly, I know they're probably losing Aurora to China/Idol Producer but I hope this is the end of member changes for them! I know that other groups have been able to stabilise for long periods despite early member changes (April, GSD, EXID, Berry Good) so I hope this is it for Nature.
sciencebottle 8th-Nov-2019 08:59 pm (UTC)
Hope you're doing well <3 What retinol stuff have you been using? I think its time for me to hop on the anti-wrinkle train too

I think 2NE1 is the one group I could see having a reunion. They are still my most favourite gg and I'm happy that they have been at least able to maintain a friendship <3
aures 9th-Nov-2019 07:41 am (UTC)
i'm using retinol from the ordinary, you want to make sure you start with the lowest one they have (i suggest checking out their website for help), and build your way from bottle to bottle. i use the strongest one they carry right now and it's really nice, i mean it doesn't get rid of your wrinkles or anything but i can't really say i got more so that's good! i also feel like they are not as harsh (but maybe im getting used to them) - keeping your face neutral when you don't have to do anything/are relaxing is also helpful (like being mindful of frowning etc.)
how old are you right now?
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