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Omona, have you ever asked the universe for a sign and then it appeared?

aures 8th-Nov-2019 11:30 am (UTC)
argh no i typed a huge reply and then my browser crashed and it's gone, so this will be a bit shorter sorry ;~;

welcome back! i'm so happy to have you here again, i really really missed you and i'm so glad you had such an amazing time, it's good to hear you had such a wonderful time in SK! it must have been amazing to just walk around so much and just explore and see all the different sides and cultures and all that. i love that you walked so much, i find it the best way to discover and explore somewhere, you get to see and experience so much more! what did you enjoy eating the most? and what was your favorite thing you saw?

sorry to hear you had such a rough time coming back! i hope you will feel better soon, it's awful coming home, getting sick and then have your sht boss shove all that work upon you. i hope you have a good weekend with your parents! have fun! i hope you will be able to find a new job soon, how is the work environment in france/paris at the moment? you think you'll be able to find a job pretty easily or is it awful right now?
gathyou 8th-Nov-2019 12:15 pm (UTC)
Awww :(
Iceland was a road trip but with really big distances which unable us to get off the car and walk for a while ; with Korea it was the opposite as we steyed (except for two nights) in the same place and used public transport/our feet. Totally different perspective. I enjoyed being able to go back to places we've been too (we did Bukchon twice, to visit and the second time wearing hanboks to take pictures).

Prettiest for me would be the Hallasan trail in Jeju (even if it was so hard, our bodies were all broken after lol) and the Changdeokgung secret garden in Seoul. But the best mix of scenary + atmosphere + friends being around was Nami Island. We were seven that day, just walking around, talking and enjoying ourselves. The trees had wonderful colors from green to bright orange or deep red, and the sky was incredibly blue and pure as well.

Best food was the first meal we had in Jeju, some kind of noodle/pork broth. At 11 am there were already so many Korean locals we had to wait 30 minutes to get in the restaurents (we were the only tourists) and damn it was worth it.
I also remember a meal of jajangmyeon ; I was briefly sick for two days/not eating a lot (culminating with me feeling really bad after partying on Saturday night until Sunday 9 am lol I know I'm dumb XD) and the friends I was partying the whole night with made sure to bring me food later that day. It was just delivery service so probably not the best jajangmyeon I could try but omg it felt amazing and I loved it so much.

Also another really fun experience was ending up in a gay bar in Itaewon where they only played kpop girl groups - and knowing all the songs lmao. I felt like a teenager again XD

My job is basically to provide jobs for those who have trouble finding one, so if I can't help myself... XD There's job in my field, I just don't want to land on anything so it might take some time. Who knows. I'm not too worried about the job search actually, more about how I will hold up at my job during that time (because I'm not leaving it until I have something secured).
aures 8th-Nov-2019 01:24 pm (UTC)
oh that sounds gorgeous, especially with all the colors and the differences in scenery! i'm so glad you had a good time
that trail and that garden sound perfect, i love things like that! it's nice to just walk around and explore :3
how nice you got to wear hanboks, were they difficult to wear or not much?

the meals sound so good! i love how koreans enjoy their food haha, they always come across and such foodies and i love that for them
and omg how fun @ the gay bar, that sounds amazing and REALLY fun!

i agree that you shouldn't give up your job until you have something else, or at least try to hold up as long as possible because no job is pretty awful tbh, it's awful here so it can't be much better in france
i truly hope something will come up soon! <333 but for now, hope you will relax a bit during the weekend and re-charge at your parents!
gathyou 8th-Nov-2019 02:11 pm (UTC)
Well the trail wasn't just some walking around, it was 20 km climbing onto a volcano XD

It was really easy. There are a lot of hanbok renting places since you can visit the palaces for free if you're wearing one (which is also really cool on pictures, so many tourists wearing hanboks!). We just went to one shop, picked out hanboks, put them above our clothes (with some help from the employees who were checking if the outfit fit) and we even had our hair braided. It was a really fun experience. We took pictures in a alleyway in front of traditional houses and a little ahjumma left her house to ask us questions and re-did all our bows, that was really cute!
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Most of the pictures are on my nikon and not my mobile phone so I don't have them around, but here is the hairstyle I got!

The hanboks themselves are really big and long so you have to hold them when walking (or be on a really flat surface, which isn't really the case often in Seoul) but otherwise comfy because they're so large lol.

They were also completely crazy about coffee, there were coffeeshops EVERYWHERE (but like, real coffeeshops, not weed-coffeeshops XD) and every conveniant store also had choice in coffee (warm and cold). I drunk so many coffees XD

It's a double edged sword because my job being linked to unemployment/helping people find jobs, right now isn't a bad time for me personally. :') And I'm starting to have a good network and idea of where I want to go. But I'm still cautious, I don't want to end up without nothing!
aures 8th-Nov-2019 02:24 pm (UTC)
ah i didn't mean "just some walk around" as in belittling it! i just meant moving/walking in general? (or climbing) but rather than sitting a bus or so, thats what i meant

oh what a GORGEOUS picture, your hair is stunning! how sweet of that lady to re-do all your bows, your hairstyle is so gorgeous, it looks super beautiful! i'm glad it all went so smoothly with wearing it, sounds quite comfortable! i saw a lot of girls walking around in traditional clothes when i was in japan and it looked so uncomfortable all the time so i'ts good to hear they were so large and comfy! must have been such a wonderful experience
gathyou 8th-Nov-2019 02:54 pm (UTC)
We did a tour bus one afternoon though, we were all so tired it served as nap-time XD but now that I understand, yes I totally agree, it's much better to be active. I was one of the persons who really wanted to do the trail (a hangover couldn't even stop me lol) and even though I turned back before the end, I still advanced really far and was really proud of myself :D (also tbh the others should have turned around with me, I'm the only one who was thinking about the way back... and it was long and difficult)

Haha thanks! One of the lady at the renting place did all the hairstyles :)
Yes that ahjumma was so nice and cute ;_;
Aren't kimono really tight around your body? that would make a totally different experience from hanboks. I would love to try one (if the situation ever arise) but I doubt it would be as comfy as hanboks. Unless it's in the summer; in fall hanboks felt a little too warm and heavy so it can't be as ideal under a really sunny/warm weather!
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